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Circle Surrogacy - provider profile and satisfaction report


Locations: Boston, MA, USA
Contact: John Weltman
Email: jweltman@weltmanlaw.com
Phone: +1 617-439-9900

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Year founded: 1995
Employees: 44


About Circle Surrogacy:*

Circle Surrogacy is one of the oldest, gay owned, full service surrogate-parenting agency serving clients worldwide. Founded by John Weltman, Circle Surrogacy has been involved in the birth of more than 800 babies. Since 1995, Circle has helped couples and singles from 68 countries and 6 continents become parents. Its dedicated staff of professionals is made up of lawyers, social workers, parents through surrogacy, and former surrogates and egg donors. Circle Surrogacy provides a choice of specialized clinics at locations throughout the United States, as well as a large selection of egg donors, carefully screened surrogates and a variety of flexible programs and financial options.

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Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Count: 118
Not Applicable: 0

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 121
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Count: 121
Not Applicable: 0
Surrogate screening and matching
Count: 120
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 111
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 82
Not Applicable: 0

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 88.4%
No 11.6%
Total Responses 121
Average 0.9

Agency reviews and comments

Circle surrogacy is awesome!! Very supportive and caring!
I found Circle to be knowledgeable and they gave excellent support during the surrogacy.
Positive: very friendly negative: 4 different case manager/social workers during the journey.
Professional and friendly. Good knowledge of international law.
Professional, good communication and great legal team. The best thing, the greatest match ever.
Refer to previous wording for our first journey. Same comments apply to second journey.
We had a good experience with Circle. They helped us a lot with both our journeys.
the most important thing they did was to find the best carrier
We are very satisfied with the help we got from Circle. They were great at staying in constant contact with us throughout the surrogacy journey even though we live outside the United States. We were matched with a wonderful surrogate and were fortunate enough to get pregnant on the first transfer. Circle's staff was great at helping us through the few unexpected issues we had along the way, and always very supportive, communicative and knowledgeable.
We found Circle to be professional and very effective. We had tried to become parents for many years, unsuccessfully and surrogacy seemed the best yet option, yet it also seemed quite daunting and unfamiliar. Circle guided us through the journey at a sensible and patient way, understood our needs and concerns. We felt that Circle provided fantastic service, both in terms of communication, surrogate matching and then helping us with all the different areas associated with surrogacy in for us a foreign country. There are so many issues to consider and having Circle by your side and with their experience of so many other journeys gave us confidence that the additional issues arising from surrogacy were covered, leaving us to concentrate on becoming parents. Clearly the main issue with surrogacy is cost and we were fortunate in being able to afford the fees, which while reasonable for the work involved, are substantial. We feel for couples who cannot afford the fees but would benefit greatly for the service.
There was some lack of communication regarding insurance and also sometimes it felt like the money was the most important. But overall they were great and it was some people that didn't do their job and some were fantastic.
They really did not prepare me for how expensive the journey was. The first surrogate they provided was not medically able to progress and it cost me additional money.
John is genuinely friendly and tries hard to be there for you. Rachel is the best. Organization is somewhat chaotic; a single caseworker who sees you through the whole process would have been nice.
The agency match us with a great surrogate and was very supportive during the initial stages of the pregnancy. But then we had a disagreement with the owner and the support became minimal and the agency was no longer responsive. There were also issues with billing and the travel panning they did for us ended up costing us much more than what would have been necessary.
The folks at Circle try hard and do seem to care about their clients. Their intentions are great. Over the course of our experience with them, however, there were often prolonged lags when we had to be (re)matched (which was three times). I felt they needed to devote more effort to recruiting surrogates and less on a lot of the ancillary aspects of their role. And to be honest, while a number of the people on their staff are really great, there are also a number that are shockingly careless and incompetent. Communication among the staff was also an issue. They should strive for more consistent delivery of quality assistance. Moreover, my primary regret in going with them is that as of the time we were looking, they were one of the few that did not conduct a thorough medical screen of the potential surrogates. Our first two surrogates wound up failing their medical screening, and had Circle done this screening up front it would have saved us a ton of time, money, and heartache. If I were to do this again I would only go with an agency in which the surrogates are pre-screened (not just their file reviewed by a doctor, but an actual medical screening).
We had to do many follow up with them, somethings they were a bit hectic... the JC we had wasn't too good. However, on the overall we were very satisfied.
Wonderful matching with the surrogate. Very gay-friendly They help to manage the problems we face due to a change in the law of the state were we worked
Overall, the process went very well. The staff is great and very helpful. Sometimes we felt a little lack of organization and too many staff turn over. But they are working on it lately with the introduction of a unique journey coordinator. They are good dealing with international IP's, probably more than any other agencies. You still need to be very proactive right after the birth.
Circle was very flexible with us and accommodating to our needs. We had to put ourselves on hold for a period of time, and this did not affect our journey once we were ready to start back up. Circle was very sensitive to our reaction to potential surrogate matches, and worked with us to find the right one. We had an unforeseen issue with one surrogate candidate, and Circle went above and beyond to resolve the situation quickly.
(català) mireu si n´estic de content amb Circle que hi he tornat a treballar, estic de nou embarassat i un altre cop treballo amb ells, són molt professionals i desprenen confiança
In, general we were very pleased with Circle. Although we had a few minor communication issues, Circle matched us with the most amazing surrogate and that is most important.
Circle was the most experienced agency we could find. It was transparent in comunication. Cost was reasonable.
We have subsequently tried to start a new journey and they weren't as attentive or supportive as we would expect. It made us chose another agency for our second journey. However if our first surrogat would have agreed to do it again for us we would have had to go with them. An uncomfortable situation that perhaps cannot be avoided, but it felt that they think they have us "in the bag" therefore the attention goes to new IP's.
From the first time I contacted Circle Surrogacy until tis day they have been nothing but helpful Their focus was on making sure that as an intended parent I understood clealry what was involved, the steps I would take and what I would expect after the children were born. Even after the babies were born Circle still maintains contact with me. Their professionalism is unmatched. Everyone I worked with at Circle could not have been nicer. I know that if I have a question there is someone there 24/7 if I need them.
Circle provided us with a great journey. The surrogate work and match was, we think, the best ever and we still have connection with her one year and a half later. For a short period they had a bit to much to do which resulted in a lag in communication but a quick discussion and it was solved well. They partnered with a good clinic and the whole package worked well. We are international parents so our journey naturally came in a bit more expensive compared to domestics. By the way the legal advice we got through circles connection was probably one of the best in the US.
From the first contact through the birth of my children I always felt that I could call them any time of the day. No question was too trivial, no detail overlooked. They made a potentially complicated ordeal so much easier.
Bonnes relations, dommage que nous le "chargé de clientèle" ai changé 4 fois pendant la durée du process
En algunos casos no nos hemos sentido apoyados por la agencia. Faltó un poco de factor humano. A veces solo parecía interesada en el aspecto monetario.
We had a wonderful experience with Circle Surrogacy in 2014. Our journey was truly a remarkably positive and awesome experience. About 2 weeks after signing on with the agency, we were matched with our phenomenal and remarkable surrogate. It was a perfect match and our surrogate's profile was the first one we saw. We felt very lucky! Circle was good at providing our surrogate support and checked in with us regularly. My only criticism was that I felt the bills were hard to follow. All costs/expenses were communicated regularly, just hard to follow because of the lay out (not chronological, but categorical, such as "Travel Costs." ) I found it tricky to follow how much you spent each month. The agency was definitely professional and very good at taking care of the many aspects of this long journey (emotional, legal, medical, etc.) I have already recommended this agency to 3 people and really couldn't have dreamt of a better surrogacy journey.
Nous sommes content du travail de Circle, leur réactivité et soutien. Quelques remarques quand même : Nous avons eu un peu trop d'interlocuteurs. Pour chaque question ou domaine différent, il y a une autre personne qui répond. Même s'ils on mis en place un système d'un seul responsable par client, cela n’empêche pas de devoir communiquer avec +/- 15 personnes en total. Parfois perturbant. Ensuite nous avons pris le "backup plan" pour l'assurance médicale de la mère porteuse. C'est le seul moment où Circle nous a mal conseillé. Ce backup plan est très cher et totalement inutile. Uniquement après l'avoir souscrit Circle nous a avoué qu'ils ont encore jamais du activer un backup plan. Ces remarques n'empêchement pas que nous sommes en général très satisfaits, et il est bien possible nous allons de nouveau passer par Circle pour une deuxième expérience.
Circle Surrogacy is an efficient agency that answer questions and support intend parents. Very good screening of the carrier - However, they can improve the way they guide parent through medical testings during pregnancy - in the initial cost sheet, some costs are not included or are much too low.. as a result the cost is higher than expected
The agency was responsive when we had concerns. We were able to meet with John Weltman directly to resolve issues.
My agency while eager to please. Often felt like it was the money more than experience the agency focused on.
We found Circle Surrogacy staff to be helpful and responsive throughout what is an emotional and stressful process. We have a beautiful baby girl and a surrogate and her family that we count as an extension of our own - we could not be happier with the outcome!!
I had an excellent experience with Circle Surrogacy during my journey. They were professional, communicative, informed and they delivered on their promises.
We had an extremely positive experience with Circle. John and his team were great to deal with, very supportive and connected us with 2 amazing people with whom we have had 2 wonderful children. The team at Circle knew what they were doing, provide great advice, were responsive and always willing to help. Throughout the process we always felt they were standing right by us helping us along the way. Given we are in Australia and our surrogate/egg donor are in the USA, the agency was always going to play an important role - Circle fulfilled all our expectations here. We would thoroughly recommend John and his team without hesitation and are blessed to have met them - they have helped us bring our 2 beautiful girls, Eliana and Saraya, into this world, and for that we will be eternally grateful.
If we chose Circle Surrogacy between a lot of surrogacy agencies, it's because we saw a tv report on french channel on John and his family and his work in circle, I don't know why but we feel confidence to work with gay director, we preferred their approach on surrogacy. We waited around one years before matching with surrogate, this period was expected around 6 month at the beginning of our journey and sometime it seemed long, but it was because we wish a surrogate ready to continue with twins, at any moments in our journey we found professional people in circle to reply from our questions/anxieties/worries. The expected time was successful because we got wonderful healthy twins, we never forgot circle and our Surrogate will have forever a special part in our family.
Our second experience with Circle was again professional, supportive, extremely helpful and expeditious.
We were introduced to John Weltman at Circle Surrogacy in October 2008. At the time of our consultation he and his team were very candid with all of the processes including the financial. My now husband and I drove away and were convinced that were would be unable to be parents since the financial hardship was well out of our reach. We took this "no" as reason to find the funds; which we did. We took our total savings, loans, credit cards etc. to fund our surrogacy. Once we paid the initial deposit it seemed as though the process was very quick and before we knew it we were parents. We now want to have another child but we don't want to have to go into as much debt in order to do so. The folks at circles were amazing. We would use them again as everything was incredibly professional, human and there was no stone left unturned.
I'm surprised at the negative comments about Circle on this survey. Our first journey happened far more quickly than we expected (just over a year) and went completely smoothly. Circle matched us with an amazing surrogate who carried our twins to full term. We came back for a second surrogacy journey, which didn't go as smoothly. The problems in the second journey weren't Circle's doing, and they worked hard to get the journey back on track as quickly as possible. The only complaint I had about the first journey was the really bad financial statements they gave us, but they had fixed that by the time of our second journey. Circle has helped us to create a very happy family!
Circle failed to take care of the legal issues to do with the particular State in which the pregnancy took place. They recommended a local counsel that claimed no post-birth order would be possible and recommended adoptation! All that was unexpected. Eventually a new counsel, Jeffrey Williams-Tracy of Charlotte, was recommended by Ron. This counsel convince the court to issue a post-birth order for our twins.
We were quite pleased with Circle. They found us a wonderful surrogate who will be in our lives forever. We have heard from others that used other agencies that their relationship with their surrogate was more of a business relationship. From day one it was clear that our relationship with our surro was going to be an extrememly close relationship throughout the journey and beyond. Circle may be on the high end in terms of costs but we could not be more pleased. The staff was quite attendtive and proactive - they routinely reached out and any question we had was answered timely.
I really enjoyed my experience with Circle's Surrogacy. The only issue my partner and I had with them was that we had to go to an independent egg donor clinic to find a central/south american egg donor which Circle's and Ct Fertility did not have any. I think that have changed that since we requested that.
Circle Surrogacy is a very high quality agency. It is run by John Weltman, who I believe is the country's preeminent attorney in surrogacy. Circle provided us with amazing legal advice! Its employees are extremely caring, and focused on the success of all parties, including the surrogate, the donor, and us (the intended parents). They made my surrogate happy, which made me happy! All employees are very accessible which allowed us to deal with any rough patches easily. Thank you Circle!
We had a very good experience with Circle, with a few disappointments. Everyone we worked with was friendly and supportive, but at times we felt like there was a lack of organization and initiative. Because the fee is high for an agency like this, we expected them to handle everything from beginning to end. That wasn't always the case, and we were at times the ones who had to remind them about things. All in all though, we were happy, and they matched us with a great egg donor and a really fantastic surrogate (which to us was the most important thing!).
In the initial phase we felt that we had to take a lot of choices and involve lawyers to create wills etc. We did expect more guidance and less choices left to us.
they did a great job "selling" the goods, which means they took good care of us BEFORE we signed the agreement with them. They weren't there for us when we needed them during the process.
It's a difficult question to answer for us. We started off with a great relationship - and were quite happy with our surrogate and grateful that they connected us. But after the first check was cashed, we really felt out on our own. It took days to get replies to our emails, our contact there eventually left the organization but was of little help - etc. we were fortunate that we had very few missteps but when we did need them it was very difficult - our surrogate felt the same way
We were relatively happy with our experience with Circle. They were knowledgeable and professional. However, given how expensive they are, we expected for them to be more proactive (or, frankly, faster to react) in certain situations. We also had 3 different journey coordinators during this journey (one person left, and another went on maternity leave).
We have met three wonderful women via Circle Surrogacy, two surrogates and one egg donor, and we still have the best contact with all of them.
Circle Surrogacy helped us having a very easy and safe Journey. We are so satisfied and thankful for their support and proffesionality. Everything went smoothly - any question was answered very quickly and the Journey became the great adventure both we and the surrogate hoped for.
La experiencia ha sido perfecta. El trato muy personal y cercano. En todo momentos estábamos informados de todo el proceso. Volveríamos a trabajar con ellos 100%
we had a relatively long journey of 3 years , but finally we become parents . our agency -circle surrogacy- was sincerely very supportive and doing their best to bring our dream to a reality. John- the manager of circle was making a great effort and we felt that our case was handled with the most sensitive profetional and supporting way
I have used CircleSurrogacy on several occasions. I feel totally comfortable and secure with them. John Weltman has an amazing knowledge of the whole surrogacy process and I would not hesitate to use them again. 7 years on from a casual meeting with John Weltman in London (which he took time out of his schedule to meet with me) I now have 4 children!!!!!!!!! Thanks Circle!
Our journey with Circle Surrogacy was as smooth as one would imagine the process to be, thankfully. We met with a number of agencies prior to choosing Circle who we chose as we felt that they were the most knowledgable and responsive to our situation. The 9 stars above we're a reflection on the fact we worked with a brilliant IVF clinic (so it wasn't just circle on our side) and also due to the fact that our 1st matched surrogate ended up deciding not to work with a same sex couple (although through the screening process she had passed with flying colors). We were then matched within two weeks with our wonderful surrogate so did not have to begin the process again. Our journey co ordinator as well as all of the senior staff were very supportive during that process particularly. Personally we would have no qualms in recommending Circle to other couples.
Circle Surrogacy was professional, thoughtful, and efficient as they guided us through our surrogacy process. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive agency to work with, and completely trusted them in helping us build our family.
Circle was a complete failure. The entire company was unprofessional, lacked communicative skills, was not informed on important issues and lacked dedication and caring. John is a salesman, who has no control of his company and is only looking for the spotlight and to feed his ego. The process was frustrating and there were many hidden costs. They did not deliver basically on anything they promised.
First, the fees are overly expensive. Second, the communication or correspondence was much slower and inefficient than we expected. Third, the agency was always on the side of the surrogate. We felt undefended or unprotected by the agency throughout the journey. Fourth, when our children were born in Providence, our journey coordinator did not even call or visit from Boston (only one-hour drive). Finally, to date, we have not received any email or notification regarding the health or growth of our children.
At the end, we realized that this journey is not an easy one and all IP's had difficalties. Circle agency helped us become a real family and very proud parents to an amazing girl at our first try to get pregnant. For that we will always be thankful
Circle Surrogacy has proven to respect their promises. When we signed up for a journey with an insured surrogate, they announced a 9 month waiting list. That delay was respected. Circle is one of the more expensive agencies. We expected them to be more proactive overall, especially the journey coordinators. When our first attempt didn't work out, we just received an email from them and we had to insist to do a Skype call following the failed transfer. It left us with a feeling that circle cares when you're a prospective client, but when you sign up with them, the contact becomes less frequent. However, in our case Circle completely lived up to their reputation she we had to take care of all paperwork after birth. From that point on things went very smoothly and we felt well advised by Circle's legal staff. They seem particularly well adapted to cater for an international clientele and despite their expensive rates, we can recommend Circle to anyone.
Circle Surrogacy delivered above and beyond on every step of our journey. A relationship of trust, honesty and true enduring friendship resulted between my husband and I and our key contacts at the agency. Of key note was the PERFECT and quick match with our surrogate. Circle walked with us every step of the journey right up until the final second parent adoption and well beyond.
We had a great experience with Circle. They matched us with the best possible surrogate and did a great job of explaining the process. They were realistic about the cost. We didn't always feel that they were the best about communicating with us and they made a few accounting errors, but we intend to use them again.
three months after signing up with Circle we were matched with our surrogate. Choosing egg donor turned out to be more difficult due to the medical problems with our first choice, but the agency handled it really well. We felt supported through the whole journey, especially after the birth when we really needed to deal with the paperwork quickly. The only unexpected thing was the bill from the surrogate medical insurance, that came few months after the birth.
I liked working with Circle. Everybody is very supportive. My advise is the following: As an international parent, sometimes I was not aware of some legal details, so maybe it would be good to have somebody with international background in your team.
Management of our funds was really bad, faulty and not at all professional. We would still get money from them, but in the end decided to stop fighting, to enjoy our baby and to just forget about the agency. You never had the feeling that you were the customer of the agency. Instead the agency only tried to please the surrogate by spending money that not even she wanted to spend. Additionally you always had the feeling that the agency wanted to make more money with you, e.g. the agency recommended a lawyer to support us in the state of the baby's birth that would have been five times more expensive than the one we finally took (our surrogate found one for us). The agency did not even support us with finding a fertility clinic - they only recommended one without any justification and left it up to us to make researches on others. We chose the egg donor directly with the fertility clinic, so also not with them and the contracting of surrogate and egg donor could have been also done by another lawyer that most probably would have been much less expensive. Also these contracts contained some really bad paragraphs that we only managed to remove after lot's of email exchange with the agency. In total, the agency was only useful to find a surrogate and even for that the matching was not at all good - we were asked a lot of criteria but in the end we had the impression to get the first one they found, as our criteria did not really match. But as they told us that otherwise we would have to wait much longer, we finally took her.
We were happy with Circle Surrogacy but feel there are two areas that need improvement. The first is with the legal paperwork - we did not complete our wills until after child was born. This should have been required prior to transfer. The other may be for all agencies - I feel a weekly check in with intended parent would be great - could just be a simple email.
Circle Surrogacy did a fantastic job! We used them twice resulting in three children. They were professional, highly accessible, experienced, knowledgable about all the state laws and legal issues, and extremely caring and diligent throughout the process. While no surrogacy journey is without its bumps, the people at Circle did a great job of navigating us through any issues that arose. You could not ask for a better agency to shepherd you through the process.
While not the least expensive option, I felt that Circle did an excellent job of anticipating every possible contingency both human and legal to ensure a completely smooth process. They have tons of experience. Our surrogate, found and screened by circle was amazing, and will remain an extended part of our family. The legal work was also flawless. They also hired lawyers both in our home state for the second parent adoptions and in the birth state for pre-birth orders who were both excellent. The only bump was early on when our social worker/coordinator whom we really liked moved on early in the process. However, the new person was fine and we had a smooth and successful outcome.
My Second Journey had some bumps along the way due to my surrogate moving from MA to NH but all in all it worked out great and the Lawyers at Circle Surrogacy were all over the move and made sure that the birth work and legal work was done properly and timely which was my biggest concern.
John Weltman showed interest in our case and the social worker was great. The surrogate they found and her entire family were terrific. However the quality of accounting and ongoing support were lacking.
It took them over 9 months to find us a Surrogate. The first one fell through but we were re-matched within a week. They did have a Laissez a faire attitude initially but once we started having failed IVF Cycles they stepped up and were extremely helpful and sympathetic. It is a shame that they seemed so closely affiliated with the first fertility clinic (NEFI) we signed up to as we found them quite dissapointing and this colored our opinion of Circle. Being from the U.K, it would have been helpfull having more hands on advice and help with regards to the Legal and Insurance Issues as we are not familiar with the U.S. System. Luckily we have family and friends who are U.S Attorneys and they helped plug that gap. We had a number of Journey co-ordinators but they were all lovely and helpful. At no point did we feel we were being a nuisance and the handover of our case when the new person took over was relatively sufficient.
From the time I met John Weltman to dealing with issues at the birth clinic the agency was supportive and helpful, indispensable.
All the staff at Circle were fantastic from day one until today. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in this challenging journey. Our journey was made so much easier by workign with Circle. There interest in our family after the birth of our son has been great and shows the real warmth they have for the people they work with. Top Marks!
As older parents, we were interested in as fast a process as possible. Circle completely delivered on that promise. After our first very successful experience with Circle, we returned to them for our 2nd and 3rd children (twins), and again had an outstanding experience.
Circle really came through for us and were incredibly supportive when we had two failed IVF cycles. John in particular was a constant source of support and advice.
סה"כ היו טובים, ומצאו פונדקאית מדהימה. זמן ההמתנה לפונדקאית היה ארוך מאד לטעמנו - 11 חודשים. לא היה קשר משמעותי או ליווי עם הסוכנות בין הכניסה להריון עד ללידה עצמה.
The surrogacy agency I used was very professional in many aspects of my journey to fatherhood. The agency matched me with a Surrogate who was perfect in every way and I've formed an amazing friendship with her. I was not impressed with the egg donor list they provided me but fortunately, I found a great egg donor through my fertility clinic. As a result of both the agency and fertility clinic I worked with, I now have a beautiful daughter and my dream of becoming a father has been realized.. The only issue I feel compelled to raise is the cost of the journey. It was a lot more than I anticipated. When I originally interviewed with the agency, the price was reasonable. A couple years later, when I finally decided to sign up for the journey, the price increased significantly for some reason still unknown to me. However, I cannot put a price on what the experience has meant to me. I truly enjoyed the first journey and am in the process of moving forward with my second journey. Again, the only issue I would point out to individual/s who want to go through the process is to really research the costs and negotiate them as it seems like my second journey is going to be just as expensive as my first and this shouldn't be. It should be a lot less as I'm using the same Surrogate and have frozen embryos.
Two main issues affect the lower overall score from the detailed one: 1. We had a big issue in re to an initial egg donor (from Circle's catalogue) that led to us feeling disappointed and cheated 2. We felt that not enough research was done on their behalf in re to the place of birth and the local laws and regulations. This led to a lot of stress and strain on us in the weeks after the birth of our son
My experience with Circle was totally positive and successful. As soon as I walked into the office, I knew I was in the right place. They gave me an estimated time frame for the matching with my surrogate, which was very accurate, and as far as the matching itself, could not have been better (we are great friends, 5 years after the kids' birth.) Obviously, every experience is different, I happen to be a wonderfully easygoing person (ha!)...but I would highly recommend Circle.
We generally had a good experience with circle who matched us with an outstanding surrogste mother in a short timeframe. Our journey went smoothly. We used a separate egg donor agency to have a broader choice of donors.
They were fantastic. We had no surprise on our journey, they kept us informed of all the steps along the way and did everything we needed them to do. First class!

Fertility clinic used

Value Percent   Count
CT Fertility 66.1%
Pacific Fertility Center (PFCLA) 10.4%
Other 7.0%
ORM 3.5%
Cardone 3.5%
Shady Grove 1.7%
RMA NJ (also IVF NJ) 1.7%
CA Fertility Partners 1.7%
New England Fertility 1.7%
Fertility Center of Las Vegas 0.9%
San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) 0.9%
RMA CT 0.9%
  Total 115
Total Responses 115

Other clinic

1 Boston IVF
1 Brigham and Women's Hospital
2 Fertility Center of NE - Reading MA
1 Montefiore
1 Pacific Fertility Center-San Francisco
1 we worked with multiple clinics on this journey

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Value Percent   Count
$30,000 - $49,000 1.7%
$50,000 - $69,000 0.9%
$70,000 - $89,000 8.5%
$90,000 - $109,000 12.7%
$110,000 - $129,000 26.3%
$130,000 - $149,000 20.3%
$150,000 - $169,000 22.9%
$170,000 - $189,000 3.4%
$190,000 - $209,000 3.4%
  Total 118
Total Responses 118
Average 130.2

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 74.6%
Two 13.6%
Three 9.3%
Four 2.5%
  Total 118
Total Responses 118
Average 1.4

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Value Percent   Count
9 months or less 0.8%
10-12 months 11.6%
13-15 months 17.4%
16-18 months 30.6%
19-21 months 14.1%
22-24 months 12.4%
25-27 months 5.0%
28-30 months 1.7%
31-33 months 1.7%
34-36 months 2.5%
More than 3 years 2.5%
  Total 121
Total Responses 121
Average 18.8

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 20.4%
Known 75.2%
Other 4.4%
  Total 113
Total Responses 113
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 116
Anonymous, but am open to meet later in life 1
Anonymous. After birth she agreed to be in contact with us 1
En el contrato aparece como anónima pero la conocimos y tenemos contacto con ella. 1
anonima en contrato pero tenemos contacto con ella 1
identified 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 3.4%
Family or friend 2.6%
Surrogacy agency 40.2%
Independent Egg donation agency 12.8%
Fertility clinic 41.0%
  Total 117
Total Responses 117

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 83.7%
Straight 16.4%
  Total 104
Total Responses 104


Value Percent   Count
United States 43.3%
Sweden 11.7%
France 10.8%
United Kingdom 6.7%
Israel 5.8%
Australia 5.0%
Ireland 3.3%
Spain 3.3%
Netherlands 2.5%
Mexico 2.5%
Norway 2.5%
Austria 0.8%
Switzerland 0.8%
Portugal 0.8%
  Total 120
Total Responses 120