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Family Source Consultants, LLC - provider profile and satisfaction report

Survey:Surrogacy Parents survey

Locations: Hinsdale, IL, USA
Contact: Zara Griswold
Email: OR
Phone: 630-325-4617 OR 630-325-4617

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Year founded: 2006
Employees: 11


About Family Source Consultants, LLC:*

Family Source Consultants is a full service Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency located in Illinois, a state that is among the most legally friendly for third party reproduction in the United States. We work with couples and individuals around the world, of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and sexual preferences. We strive to help anyone who truly wants to become a parent achieve their family building goal, and it is our mission to make the experience as positive and successful as possible for all parties involved. We recognize that the process of creating a family via Surrogacy and Egg Donation can be overwhelming, and our agency is here to guide you from each stage to the next.  It is an honor for us to assist you through this most important journey of a lifetime! 

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Average Rank
  • Count: 13
  • Min: 7 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.93

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Average Rank
  • Count: 13
  • Min: 8 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.74
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Average Rank
  • Count: 13
  • Min: 8 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.53
Surrogate screening and matching
Average Rank
  • Count: 13
  • Min: 7 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.92
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Average Rank
  • Count: 9
  • Min: 10 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.00
Accommodation of international parents
Average Rank
  • Count: 9
  • Min: 7 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.94

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent %
Yes 100.0%
Total Responses 13
Avg. 1.0
Agency reviews and comments
Family Source was wonderful to us. Zara's compassion and assistance was priceless.
Muy humanas y profesionales. Un gran acierto
They were wonderful throughout the whole process and were always there to assist when needed.
Solo decir, que fuí muy afortunada de encontrar a esta agencia y a sus magníficas profesionales que hicieron mi proceso mucho más fácil y en el que me sentí muy apoyada en todo momento
We are a man and woman couple and we had no need for an egg donor because we had our own embryos. We felt very comfortable and supported by our agency
My surrogacy agency exceeded my expectations and they are the reason why I have my beautiful baby.
Family Source were there for us from the very start, after years of IVF, miscarriages and surgery we didnt think we'd be able to have a family, we are from the UK and finding 'real people' that cared about us made us believe it was all possible. They were there for us every step of the way and we are still in contact 2 years later, they are excellent!
Solo tenemos buenas palabras para ellas. Su profesionalidad e implicación en el Proceso hicieron que todo fuese mas fácil. Mantenemos un contacto continuo con ellas, en la actualidad estamos esperando a Nuestro segundo Hijo y nos están ayudando Mucho.

Fertility clinic used

Total Responses 12
Other clinic
1 Dr. Charles Miller
2 Dr. Daniel Rostein
1 IVF of Highland Park
1 IVF1 Dr. Randy Morris

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Total Responses 13
Avg. 89.2

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Count Percent %
One 6 54.6%
Two 2 18.2%
Three 1 9.1%
Four 1 9.1%
Five 1 9.1%
Total Responses 11
Avg. 2.0

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Total Responses 13
Avg. 17.7

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Count Percent %
Unknown 5 55.6%
Known 2 22.2%
Other 2 22.2%
Total Responses 9
Open-Text Response Breakdown for "Other" Count
it was myself 1
my eggs 1

Egg donation source

Value Count Percent %
Intended mother (no donor) 1 11.1%
Surrogacy agency 3 33.3%
Independent Egg donation agency 2 22.2%
Fertility clinic 3 33.3%
Total Responses 9

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Count Percent %
LGBT 2 16.7%
Straight 10 83.3%
Total Responses 12


Total Responses 13