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Family Source Consultants, LLC - provider profile and satisfaction report



Locations: Hinsdale, IL, FL, OH, TX, USA
Contact: Zara Griswold OR Staci Swiderski
Email: Zara@FamilySourceSurrogacy.com OR staci@familysourcesurrogacy.com
Phone: 312-277-4008 OR 630-325-4617

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Year founded: 2006
Employees: 11


About Family Source Consultants, LLC:*

Family Source Consultants is a full service Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency located in Illinois, a state that is among the most legally friendly for third party reproduction in the United States. We work with couples and individuals around the world, of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and sexual preferences. We strive to help anyone who truly wants to become a parent achieve their family building goal, and it is our mission to make the experience as positive and successful as possible for all parties involved. We recognize that the process of creating a family via Surrogacy and Egg Donation can be overwhelming, and our agency is here to guide you from each stage to the next.  It is an honor for us to assist you through this most important journey of a lifetime! 

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

Disclaimer / terms of use

Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Count: 52
Not Applicable: 0

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 53
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Count: 53
Not Applicable: 0
Surrogate screening and matching
Count: 54
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 45
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 30
Not Applicable: 0

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 87.0%
No 13.0%
Total Responses 54
Average 0.9

Agency reviews and comments

(2009, International parents) Muy humanas y profesionales. Un gran acierto
(2009, International parents) We are a man and woman couple and we had no need for an egg donor because we had our own embryos. We felt very comfortable and supported by our agency
(2010, International parents) Solo decir, que fuí muy afortunada de encontrar a esta agencia y a sus magníficas profesionales que hicieron mi proceso mucho más fácil y en el que me sentí muy apoyada en todo momento
(2010, International parents) Solo tenemos buenas palabras para ellas. Su profesionalidad e implicación en el Proceso hicieron que todo fuese mas fácil. Mantenemos un contacto continuo con ellas, en la actualidad estamos esperando a Nuestro segundo Hijo y nos están ayudando Mucho.
(2010, USA parents) My surrogacy agency exceeded my expectations and they are the reason why I have my beautiful baby.
(2011, International parents) Family Source were there for us from the very start, after years of IVF, miscarriages and surgery we didnt think we'd be able to have a family, we are from the UK and finding 'real people' that cared about us made us believe it was all possible. They were there for us every step of the way and we are still in contact 2 years later, they are excellent!
(2011, USA parents) Family Source was wonderful to us. Zara's compassion and assistance was priceless.
(2011, USA parents) They were wonderful throughout the whole process and were always there to assist when needed.
(2012, International parents) Fue una agencia muy eficaz, me ofrecieron diferentes madres subrogadas. Pero me quede con la que el doctor de IVF habia rechazado y nos fue muy bien
(2012, International parents) Trabajaron muy rapido. Todo fue muy rapido tuvimos mucha suerte con la Madre Gestante. El Doctor Kaplan la nego pero despues otro Doctor la accepto
(2013, USA parents) Very unprofessional towards our surrogate. We were forced to pull our escrow from them during the journey due to missed payments to our surrogate. Candidates were presented to us that psychologist had issues with. We were told "I don't see a problem with them" Also, our surrogate and the owner of the agency got into a confrontation on a popular surrogacy message board.
(2013, USA parents) We felt that agency was very unprofessional and was telling us "what we wanted to hear" instead of the facts. We became very close with our surrogate and she was attacked publicly on a message board because one of the agencies employees did not agree with her asking for advice on late compensation she received. We were advised by our lawyer to remove our escrow from the agency and use an independent escrow company (this was after a confirmed pregnancy). The agency employee then called my husband and was complaining (very immaturely) that our surrogate was trying to turn us against the agency. It was all so juvenile and ridiculous. Besides these personality conflicts, the agency was late to get the surrogate her compensation payments, took a long time to respond to emails and phone calls, and was not very organized with documents, tests, etc. It got to the point where we all agreed that we were better off taking care of things on our own.
(2014, International parents) We were happy to work with them, Zara (the owner) is very professional but also is a great person. We felt all the time that we were guided by professional and honest people.
(2014, USA parents) We ultimately used three surrogates before successful results were achieved. In general, the requirement of using a surrogacy agency to oversee the process was entirely unwarranted, just required. We could have used independent consultants (psychologists, background checks, etc.) on our own. While there were several times we needed assistance making sure everyone's multiple roles were coordinated, we ended up doing much of that ourselves and always having to keep check on the agency to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to do correctly. There was a substantial issue of being wholly misled about timeframes, as the reality was exponentially longer than any loose estimate we were given. We also looked to the agency to retain contact with the surrogates after failed attempts to ensure communication was open and authentic to progress was other rounds. This did not happen. The first two surrogates backed out of attempting again because there was no communication follow-up with them. There was frustration not only by my husband and I, but also with every party involved. Especially frustrating was the opportunistic amount of money the agency received for doing almost nothing substantive at all. To make some relevancy of their services, they needed to be more proactive in assisting us through the process of matching with three different surrogates. Similarly, they needed to privide timeframes that were at least somewhat accurate. By the end, we did not trust anything they said to be accurate.
(2015, International parents) Supportive, reliable and indispensable for achieving the target
(2016, International parents) La experiencia con Family Source Consultant ha sido fantástica. Siempre ayudándonos en todo el proceso, muy rapidos en las contrestaciones a nuestras dudas y todas las personas integrantes de la agencia muy cariñosas y agradables.
(2016, International parents) The biggest issue was the time taken to match us with a surrogate (3 years). As for everything else they have been very supportive, flexible , polite and warm. During the pregnancy Tracy was always on top of things and willing to help all the time.
(2016, International parents) Very good agency they fulfill all my expectations
(2016, International parents) We are extremely happy with Tracy, she was in charge of our process and was always really fast with email replays and efficient!
(2016, USA parents) They were great and found me what literally was the perfect surrogate. I am using them again for my second journey
(2017, International parents) My first child was born through the assistance of Family Source Consultant (FSC). I am a single father from China and I found both egg donor and surrogate mother through FSC. Although the surrogate mother matching took a little longer time, which may be due to the single father in my case, the whole journey ran smooth and happy. FSC gave me an impression of being professional, responsible and worthy of trust. They recommended the credible IVF center and legal agency. All the coordinators from FSC are nice and helpful. I will recommend FSC to my friends who may need the service. One advantage of selecting FSC in Chicago is that the surrogacy fee is lower than that in California.
(2017, USA parents) FSC staff is really very nice knowledgeable. They follow up the whole process closely.
(2017, USA parents) Family Source Consultants matched us with the most amazing surrogate! We could not have asked for a better human being. We got along very wonderfully, and our baby will know her as his Auntie on the other side of the country.
(2017, USA parents) I worked with a number of people at FSC and all were professional. Megan was my coordinator and went above and beyond with immediate response, and working closely with the surrogate who was the ideal choice and recommended by the agency. The agency also connected me with an attorney who was outstanding and eliminated any issues that I know had arisen for this surrogate (but not through this agency) before such as issues in which hospital identified the surrogate as the parent and the birth certificate was listed with the surrogate as mother. In my case, this was not even an issue even though it was a the same hospital that the surrogate previously delivered. Overall this was truly an outstanding journey with a very professional agency who had the connections with the egg donor, the surrgoate, the attorneys. I really can't imagine it to have been more perfect with an absolutely adorable little loving girl at the end. There are not enough words to express how well this agency has done its job.
(2017, USA parents) Our surrogate we were matched w/ couldn't have beef a better match. We absolutely LOVE her! We are flying to pick her and her 2 children up next week to have them come stay w us next week. We talk/text weekly 6 months after our boys were born. We would definitely have the same surrogate again if possible, love her!
(2017, USA parents) They were great overall. Provided great matches for egg donor and surrogate. Were responsive to questions and provided good support to surrogate.
(2017, USA parents) We had a wonderful experience with Family Source Consultants. From our first meeting, they provided us with invaluable information, recommendations, and reassurance. Our surrogate was amazing. They were always helpful and checked in with us constantly throughout the process. We would definitely use them again if we have another child!
Family Source Consultants was an amazing group that was responsible for our very positive experience throughout our surrogacy journey. I always appreciated their prompt responses when we had questions or when returning completed forms needed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Family Source Consultants to others, in fact I already have to a friend who was looking to start a family with his husband. FSC takes the stress and complexity of scheduling, reminders, updates and paperwork out of what can be a pretty stressful and complex process. Family Source helped us with everything from egg donation, fertility clinic selection, surrogate matching as well as help with finding our legal representation. Every single one of the outside business partners that we worked with was fantastic as well. Thank you FSC for making our experience so positive!
Very good service

Fertility clinic used

Value Percent   Count
Fertility Center of IL (FCI) 60.8%
Other 19.6%
Fertility Center of Las Vegas 9.8%
aParent IVF 3.9%
RMA CT 2.0%
HRC Fertility 2.0%
CT Fertility 2.0%
  Totals 51
Total Responses 51

Other clinic

1 Dr. Charles Miller
2 Dr. Daniel Rostein
1 IVF of Highland Park
1 IVF1 Dr. Randy Morris
1 Invia Fertility
1 Reproductive Medicine Institute
1 Reproductive medicine institute Chicago

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Value Percent   Count
$30,000 - $49,000 3.7%
$50,000 - $69,000 5.6%
$70,000 - $89,000 18.5%
$90,000 - $109,000 33.3%
$110,000 - $129,000 20.4%
$130,000 - $149,000 7.4%
$150,000 - $169,000 7.4%
$190,000 - $209,000 3.7%
  Totals 54
Total Responses 54
Average 107.0

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 66.7%
Two 16.7%
Three 8.3%
Four 4.2%
Five 4.2%
  Totals 48
Total Responses 48
Average 1.6

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Value Percent   Count
9 months or less 1.9%
10-12 months 9.3%
13-15 months 11.1%
16-18 months 31.5%
19-21 months 14.8%
22-24 months 18.5%
25-27 months 7.4%
28-30 months 1.9%
More than 3 years 3.7%
  Totals 54
Total Responses 54
Average 19.3

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 54.4%
Known 30.4%
Other 15.2%
  Totals 46
Total Responses 46
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 47
Anonymous but open to possibility of meeting someday 1
Conocida no quiere conocer a los niños 1
Semi opem 1
it was myself 1
my eggs 1
semi anonymous 1
We have agreed to the possibility of future contact though anonymous email accounts and through our surrogacy agency which also facilitated the egg donation 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 8.2%
Surrogacy agency 55.1%
Independent Egg donation agency 14.3%
Fertility clinic 22.5%
  Totals 49
Total Responses 49

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 58.8%
Straight 41.2%
  Totals 51
Total Responses 51


Value Percent   Count
United States 56.6%
Spain 22.6%
Argentina 5.7%
Taiwan 3.8%
United Kingdom 1.9%
Switzerland 1.9%
Italy 1.9%
China 1.9%
Colombia 1.9%
France 1.9%
  Totals 53
Total Responses 53