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Growing Generations - provider profile and satisfaction report

Survey:Surrogacy Parents survey

Locations: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Contact: Teo Martinez
Phone: 323-965-7500

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Year founded: 1996
Employees: 25


About Growing Generations:*

Growing Generations has been a company passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life and, in the process, changing the world. Ground-breaking from the start, Growing Generations was the first surrogacy agency dedicated to serving the gay and lesbian community and the only agency to offer online donor videos. Over the last decade and a half, Growing Generations has continued its work with all family types, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, assisting clients from over 30 different countries to create nearly 1,000 babies. Additionally, Growing Generations now provides surrogacy and egg donation services to HIV-positive men, who can use their own sperm to create biological families. At Growing Generations the mission is simple - to build families of choice for communities around the globe through surrogacy, egg donation and sperm donation.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Average Rank
  • Count: 16
  • Min: 4 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 1.59

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Average Rank
  • Count: 16
  • Min: 4 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 1.58
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Average Rank
  • Count: 16
  • Min: 2 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 2.28
Surrogate screening and matching
Average Rank
  • Count: 16
  • Min: 3 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 2.23
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Average Rank
  • Count: 16
  • Min: 8 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 0.56
Accommodation of international parents
Average Rank
  • Count: 12
  • Min: 3 / Max: 10
  • StdDev: 2.07

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent %
Yes 87.5%
No 12.5%
Total Responses 16
Avg. 0.9
Agency reviews and comments
The overall cost question should have an option above $209k, we spent well north of $250k...
no comment
GG was great. They cover all the bases so all parties including surrogate & egg donor were protected in case of a bed event. They found a terrific surrogate, and when we weren't satisfied with their egg donor selection, they found us an outside agency that was a good fit. Our case advisor was there for the whole journey, and the delivery & return home went off smoothly. I couldn't be happier.
Growing Generations is an experienced agency, particularly in dealing with the LGBT community. Although we had a successful experience with them, we did experience frustration with their level of accessibility and their rigid bureaucracy. When problems arose during the process, we found it difficult to access the right person in the agency to solve the problem. They own their own egg donor agency and insurance businesses, and it seemed as if they pushed us to use those affiliates at the expense of finding the best option for our needs. They are partial to anonymous egg donation, which we do not prefer. In summation, they are competent, but not a great agency.
We started to talk with Growing Generations in 2001. But noone knew much about the how/who etc. They really supported us through the process although we sometimes changed our mind about difficult choices. We have no experience with other agencies but Growing Generations support was really comforting. They made us feel safe. Our four chidren are doing okay and we are happy parents!
We used GG with our first daughter and worked with them from 1998-2001. They were new at the time; our surrogate, to whom we are still close, occasionally got the feeling that their concerns to too obviously weighted toward the gay parent and not enough to the surrogates, whom she said sometimes felt like the "hired help." It was also concerning to her when they ditched the independent psychologist she was working with (and with whom she had confidentiality) for a staff psych, whom she was sure was reporting what she said back to the agency, which I don't doubt. Given the fact that they were new at the time, and I was single when I started, coupled with the fact that there were zero resources then for gay men, who wanted to have kids, I think we all benefited from each other, and still maintain a friendly relationship.
Growing Generations takes care of everything but at an extra cost to comparable agencies. At the time the "pushed" all intended parents onto New Life Agency insurance. I understand they are now more flexible about insurance options.
Voor we met dit avontuur begonnen hebben we drie weken in californie rondgereist en verschillende agentschappen bezocht. Elk met een verschillende organisatie. In ons geval omdat we absoluut goed verzekerd wouden zijn hebben we GG genomen. De verzekering was wel enorm duur. Gelukkig is de zwangerschap en bevalling goed verlopen.

Fertility clinic used

Total Responses 14

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Total Responses 15
Avg. 172.0

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Count Percent %
One 8 53.3%
Two 5 33.3%
Three 1 6.7%
Nine 1 6.7%
Total Responses 15
Avg. 2.0

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Total Responses 15
Avg. 20.2

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Count Percent %
Unknown 5 38.5%
Known 7 53.9%
Other 1 7.7%
Total Responses 13
Open-Text Response Breakdown for "Other" Count
אנונימית, הביעה הסכמה לפגוש את הילדים כשיהיו בגירים. 1

Egg donation source

Value Count Percent %
Family or friend 3 23.1%
Surrogacy agency 6 46.2%
Independent Egg donation agency 4 30.8%
Total Responses 13

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Count Percent %
LGBT 13 100.0%
Total Responses 13


Total Responses 16