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CT Fertility - provider profile and satisfaction report



Locations: Bridgeport, CT, USA
Contact: Dr. Melvin Thornton OR Linda Vignapiano
Email: melvin.thornton@ctfertility.com OR linda.vignapiano@ctfertility.com
Phone: +1 203-373-1200

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Year founded: 1991
Employees: 30


About CT Fertility:*

CT Fertility strives to provide all patients every available option for building their family. For the last 25 years we have been a leader in fertility, and have been widely recognized throughout Europe and the U.S. as a preeminent fertility center for advanced reproductive care of infertile couples, singles and same-sex couples. In the past year, Melvin Thornton, II, MD joined our practice as Acting Medical Director and Director of the Egg Donor Program.  After 15 years as a Professor at the Columbia University College of Medicine and Medical Director of the Columbia University IVF program, as well as 9 years as Director of the Columbia University donor egg program, we are honored to have him be a part of the leadership team. We take great pride in partnering with, guiding and empowering our patients to achieve their unique family building goals. Based in a brand-new facility in beautiful Trumbull, CT, just 90 minutes north of New York City, CT Fertility also has offices in Manhattan. We are thrilled to announce our expansion into Europe with a new office in Barcelona, Spain. By expanding our capacity and presence, we hope to bring new family building options to patients around the world.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 193
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 193
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 192
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 161
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 171
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 100
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 96.4%
No 3.6%
Total Responses 193
Average 1.0

Clinic reviews and comments

(2006, International parents) Dr. Doyle and his staff were simply the best.
(2008, International parents) It worked first time so it was the best outcome possible for us.
(2009, International parents) This clinic was on the expensive side.
(2009, International parents) expensive but very succesive
(2009, USA parents) Excellent fertility clinic!
(2010, International parents) Dr. Doyle knows his job and you feel you are in good hands.
(2010, International parents) Wonderful people, great service. Trustworthy.
(2011, USA parents) Dr. Doyle and his team very caring and supportive.
(2012, USA parents) Friendly and efficient from start to finish.
(2012, USA parents) Very friendly staff.
(2014, USA parents) Dr. Doyle and the staff are exceptional. We would highly recommend.
(2014, USA parents) Excellent experience. Dr. Doyle is extremely professional.
(2014, USA parents) Very satisfied with services and information provided during the journey
(2016, International parents) Thank so much to the CT Fertility Team!
(2016, USA parents) the third cycle was with a new egg donor - and its worked superbly
(2016, USA parents) Dr, Doyle was great. We hear amazing things about Dr. Thornton.
(2012, USA parents) Dr. Doyle and his staff made an effort to speak to me one on one. Sharron Steere was exceptional. She answered so many phone calls and emails and made the egg donation process and all that is involved seem so uncomplicated. Being there for the actual embryo transfer is something I will always cherish.
(2016, International parents) They are a not very big but very popular clinic which recently seems to have more clients then they can cope with. Dr. Doyle is very friendly, his nurse, Sharon, amazingly efficient and devoted to her work. His genetic advisor, Jamie, is sometimes very slow responding to messages. Their success rate with frozen transfers seem to be a little lower that at other clinics.
(2015, International parents) Excellent travail, communication et conseil. Nous sommes très content.
(2013, USA parents) We couldn't be happier with CT Fertility. We used one of their egg donors and had a successful transfer single embryo transfer on the first try. The staff was supportive and very informative throughout the process.
(2008, USA parents) Again, Dr. Doyle was very caring and responsive. He came in on a Sunday to discuss the transfer with us.
(2016, International parents) In generel we were satisfied, but sometimes we had to insist to get them to turn back to us. They were not so quickly to answer always.
(2012, USA parents) Everyone was friendly, available, pleasant, incredibly knowledgeable and concerned. They understood the scope of the whole process and made sure to go over every detail at length.
(2018, USA parents) Dr. Thornton was excellent. There were times when they could have been more responsive, and their egg donor selection could have been better (we ended up using an outside agency), but overall we were very satisfied.
(2006, USA parents) CFA was professional and friendly. My and my twins have even visited Dr. Doyle and he was a gracious host. (They loved the Hershey's kisses!)
(2011, USA parents) Dr. Doyle was just wonderful. We lost our baby during our second pregnancy and he said he would do whatever it takes to make sure we had children - and now we have two beautiful twins.
(2009, USA parents) The doctors and nurses at CT Fertility are top notch at what they do but most importantly they are each ind and make a very stressful and uncomfortable part of the process easy and comfortable. Everyone their took a special interest in us and help us tremendously.
(2015, USA parents) Everybody at CT Fertility was amazing. From Dr Doyle to Sharon to Jamie... I couldn't recommend them more.
(2014, International parents) Dr. Doyle and Dr. Jamie Steer were very attentive since we first met to discuss our options and dreams. The clear and friendly explanation when we first met in NYC were vital for deciding working with them. They accommodated all our personal needs, specially because we are international parents from Brazil and they were always there for us when we asked and needed anything. The clinic is very nice and the staff extra-friendly. We loved the treatment we've had! Hope see you again! Best experience ever!
(2012, USA parents) CT fertility was great. The doctors and the nursing staff were professional, responsive and efficient in their work and communication.
(2006, USA parents) Dr. Doyle was very helpful and very personable. He really seem to care about our situation. Every step was explained carefully and all of our options were presented.
(2012, USA parents) The entire staff was great, led by a true leader Dr. Doyle. Everything single thing that was promised was delivered and with the utmost professional service and clearly an interest and caring that was above expectations. The communication could not have been better, the accessibility was amazing, the many questions we had were answered patiently and professionally. We always felt we were in the best hands possible.
(2011, USA parents) The Fertility Clinic I worked with basically worked with me in every way. Very personable and they took the time to explain the process to me. Very responsive to all my concerns and questions, and I was able to work with the same contact people throughout the process. I did not feel overwhelmed with a bunch of people with different "titles" contacting me as I had experienced with my Surrogacy Agency. The Fertility Clinic provided me with a beautiful egg donor and most important, the transfer was a huge success and I now have a beautiful daughter. Have decided to have another child and will work with the same fertility clinic without hesitation. Very satisfied and fortunate to have worked with my clinic.
(2016, USA parents) We were very satisfied with CT Fertility. The only challenge we had was lack of communication with certain personnel. I think this has to do with the major changes that are going on with the clinic. Dr. Doyle was amazing and he will be missed for sure. He created a wonderful clinic and is excellent at what he does.
(2016, USA parents) Dr Doyle and staff were tremendous. Super helpful, always available, quick response time and very professional. Would use them again hands down.
(2011, International parents) Very professional and enjoyable experience. Staff were supportive and made the journey a great one for us.
(2016, USA parents) They were very accommodating and helpful the entire way. They are a busy clinic so we expected to be lost in the crowd. But we received a lot of attention and help. And our baby!
(2012, USA parents) Was very pleased with CFA - the staff was great , easy to work with etc. Made this part of the journey very easy for us.
(2014, International parents) (Português) A CT Fertility é nota 10!!! Todos os funcionários são muito atenciosos e profissionais. Os médicos são muito qualificados e competentes. São honestos em seu aconselhamento e personalizam o processo de gravidez de substituição (barriga de aluguel) para atender as especificidades de cada um. Somos um casal gay do Brasil e nos sentimos muito acolhidos e fomos muito bem orientados em tudo. Com certeza, a excelência da CT Fertility fez com que a nossa jornada pela paternidade fosse muito tranquila. Recomendados a qualquer casal, especialmente aos casais gays, que busquem a ajuda calorosa dessa clínica.
(2017, International parents) Thanks to all staff at CT fertility! They did great. everybody was kind, warm, professional and Careful! Special thanks to Dr Thornton who permit us to see our dream comes true!
(2017, USA parents) The staff and doctors are very knowledgeable. Only thing not perfect is that they may not be reachable immediately because they are so busy.
(2011, USA parents) Similar to Circle's, CT did not have any South/Central American donors therefore my partner and I had to go to an independent egg donor clinic to find a central/south american egg. I dont know if that expanded their selection.
(2015, USA parents) VERY LGBT friendly and easy to work with in so many ways. They are very well staffed and get back to you ASAP. Dr. Doyle is very personable and easy going.
(2014, International parents) We used CT Fertility and were incredibly happy with their service. We met Dr. Doyle through a friend and he was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and straight forward. His staff, especially, Christine, were all very helpful and supportive all the way through. We now have a very happy little girl and will be forever grateful to them. We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do surrogacy.
(2012, International parents) Dr. Doyle was and is very professional. We sincerely appreciate his help in all aspects. Thanks to his medical expertise, we succeeded in the twin pregnancy with the first attempt.
(2015, International parents) We made a really good experience with CT Fertility because we were successful in our first try. Their "warranty deal" is expensive but seems to be a good options which not many other clinics offer. From what we know, their success rates are quite good, although slightly less high than those of other clinics, especially in California. They also have a lot of known egg donors in their portfolio and the information about them is very detailed. The nurse who runs the day-to-day affairs in the clinic is extremely responsive and very efficient. The genetic advisor is very friendly and competent, but sometimes takes a rather long time to answer his emails. Dr. Doyle is a nice person and seems to be a very experienced professional.
(2017, USA parents) Dr. De Pinho was wonderful and the staff of CT fertility were extremely knowledgeable and caring.
(2013, USA parents) Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr Doyle is very skillful and nice. Very high success rate at least from what we know among the friends who used CFA.
(2014, International parents) Beside the person who was in charge of the egg donor matching part, which was very annoying, we were very happy with CT and recommend it to everybody!
(2017, International parents) Former Medical Director, Michael Doyle, was my first point of contact. He was amazingly helpful and I decided to use CT Fertility based on our initial conversation and their reputation. Unfortunately Dr. Doyle retired and my experiences with the clinic since his departure were exhausting. Communication was terrible and despite my many pleas they were unable to setup a schedule until four weeks prior to retrieval. With three people on three different continents the logistics were made unnecessarily complicated. Dr. Doyle was replaced by Dr. Thornton who although a competent doctor, over-stimulated my surrogate. Luckily this did not compromise the ova but they forgot to save part of the large harvest for my partner, something that was in my chart and I had repeatedly discussed with Dr. Doyle. They then claimed to not have any record of my desire to freeze part of a large harvest unfertilized for my partner. I provided them ample evidence of such and the person who denied those communications is no longer at the clinic. I have been requesting my complete records since July 2016 so that my lawyer and I can decide whether to file a demand for a second cycle at their expense or proceed to lawsuit. Eight months later we have still not received my medical records although they claim to have sent it. Furthermore I later found out that on the day of transfer they did NOT transfer the two highest grade embryos, something which surprised even Dr. Thornton. They recently fired their embryologist and their is new management so I hope the clinic is on a path to improvement. However, dealing with them during the past year has been a dysfunctional mess.
(2012, USA parents) We love this clinic, the people were amazing. The only thing in the matching process, communication wasn't the best.
(2014, USA parents) The experience with CT Fertility was a wonderful experience. At the start of the journey we traded a lot of emails and calls with the various contacts at CT Fertility and always found them to be helpful. Selecting an egg donor was a challenge for us, but found the process to be well guided with CT Fertility's staff.
(2008, International parents) Felt very comfortable with everyone there. Of course, the whole situation is very clinical and unromantic, but that is part of the deal with IVF. I would highly recommend CTF.
(2017, USA parents) We used CT Fertility, and this was with a new Doctor, Dr. Melvin. He was amazing and his entire team knew what they were doing. It took one transfer IVF with frozen eggs 5 days old to work for us. So they are def. highly skilled
(2010, USA parents) I started out impressed by CT Fertility. However, I ended up finding them to be extremely expensive (far more than other, frankly better, clinics I have found) and less than completely honest.
(2010, International parents) Dr. Doyle and Dr. Williams and staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful to us.
(2015, International parents) Dr. Doyle was extremely personal, professional, responsive and supportive. We were very impressed with the clinic. In particular we were impressed by their range of egg donors, which proved better than the specialist egg donor agencies. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.
(2016, International parents) Although "recommend" is quite a strong word... I would not not-recommend... Our initial egg-donor issue relates to CTF as well as Circle... and so we felt we could not really trust them when we really needed to. Additionally, there was an issue with cost that we felt was handled very badly.
(2010, USA parents) Worldwide Surrogacy is well suited to support intended parents on this journey. I found them to be professional, available, thoughtful and supportive throughout the process I very strongly recommend them to others.
(2013, USA parents) Notwithstanding representations the clinic made about the breadth and quality of egg donors, we had difficulty finding a suitable donor and eventually had to utilize an independent agency. One of the clinic's key staff members was very difficult to work with.
(2013, USA parents) Each individual at the Clinic is extremely knowledgeable about their area of expertise, professional, friendly and supportive. We will use them again and we recommend them to others. Our one issue, though, is that we often felt like we were managing this process and not the other way around. We were using a friend, who lives thousands of miles away, as an altruistic, gestational surrogate, so her timeline was primary followed by our timeline. Since none of us had been through this process before there were many factors of which we were unaware and having one point of contact to help us from the beginning (the time we first walked through their door to say we were interested) till the 12th week of pregnancy would have made things easier and avoided lots of stressful, last-minute situations.
(2016, USA parents) CTFertility now has new management, stafiing, and a new location and I'm not sure how well the transition has gone. They are not honoring the previous director's financial commitments and so my impending second journey has become much more expensive than planned.
(2013, International parents) Overall CT Fertility was good because at the end it worked. Dr Doyle is a very good support, we loved him for that. In the first year (before having more clients) they were truly great. But, after they were very busy with the rush of new clients and they had the following problems: they were expensive; we sometimes felt we were just a number; they made mistakes in the bills and sometimes they were hard to reach. But in spite of all the bumps that came in our road (infertility issues independent from CT Fertility), it worked at the end so for that we are grateful.
(2011, International parents) (català) hi vaig arribar recomanat i per descomptat, en quedar embarassat a la primera, no puc pas fer res més que recomenar-los, saben el que fan!!!!
(2013, USA parents) Top notch in every way. Dr Doyle and his entire staff could not have more professional and friendly. We had many questions up front and all were answered timely and honestly.
(2009, USA parents) It would be hard to say anything negative about CT Fertility. Dr. Doyle and his team "gave" us our daughter on the first attempt. We are blessed and thankful. We would 100% use them again.
(2016, International parents) We decided to do a single embryo transfer. We get pregnant with the first try. They look very professional and were at a high scientific level
(2015, USA parents) They seem like the best in the business. The egg donor that they first recommended ended up being the one I chose, even after looking at a bunch of other profiles. The only reason I give 9 stars rather than 10 for their egg donor options is that the pool seemed relatively limited. Although since they were all pre-screened, I guess that counts for more.
(2014, USA parents) Dr. Doyle is terrific to work with, and you get the sense that he really cares about his patients, in addition to really knowing his stuff. Their facility is great - able to handle most everything in one place. While nice, you also don't get the impression that all your money is going into office furnishings either. When there are hiccups, he is very patient in helping you to understand what is going on and what options are available. In our case the medical result was excellent - we achieved twins on the first fresh cycle, and they are now approaching one year old and are happy and healthy. We also appreciated their approach to genetic counselling. We couldn't be happier, and highly recommend Dr. Doyle and CT Fertility.
(2012, USA parents) Extremely knowledgeable and the physician and scientific professionals were very approachable.
(2011, International parents) Trato muy humano. Hoy en día aún mantenemos contacto con enfermeras de la clínica. Tuvimos mucha suerte y nos quedamos embarazados a la primera. Nos informaban de todo al instante. Repetiríamos seguro!
(2014, USA parents) All of us (this includes our surrogate, since we have become good friends) were extremely pleased with the courtesy/respect, kindness and personalized attention we received at CT Fertility, from the receptionist to counselors to nurses to our physician. This was especially appreciated since we came from an 8 year relationship, and 4 miscarriages, with another clinic that made us feel like just a number. And Dr. Doyle, dare I say it, was * fun * to work with because of his terrific sense of humor that did not in way detract from his professional, caring, confidence-inspiring demeanor. We cannot say enough good things about this group. They modified a plan to fit ** our needs ** - they did not try to make us fit into some pre-prepared package that did not fit our situation. We were initially intimidated by using a provider out of state, but that turned out to be a non-issue, logistically minor and absolutely outweighed by the awesome treatment we received. We are now shouting THANK YOU to CT Fertility for our two beautiful babies, created through a loving and personalized process.
(2016, USA parents) Can't say enough good things about Dr. Doyle. We wouldn't be parents without him.
(2009, International parents) The Fertility Clinic and Doctor Doyle were really great. Everything went very smoothly and the whole team was really helpful and supportive. The only bad thing was the cost that were initially estimated a lot lower than they turned out to be in the end. But probably that was not the mistake of the clinic but another mistake of our agency that made the estimation.
(2015, USA parents) CT Fertility was great - we met Dr. Doyle at an Human Rights Campaign seminar on surrogacy and were immediately impressed with his passion and expertise about IVF. Both of us were a little nervous about the entire process of selecting an egg donor (side note: we loved the move to include videos in each of the egg donor's profiles!), creating the embryos, ensuring that our surrogate was medically ready (side note: we especially liked the fact that Dr. Doyle had to approve our surrogate before we moved to the first step), and then transplanting them into our surrogate. He and his team were highly professional, walked us through the processes and were in contact with us each step of the way, and kept us in the loop throughout the fertilization and embryo development processes. The work of an IVF clinic is an interesting place since you can't really "see" any of the work that they're doing, you have to trust the medical professionals. We did and got pregnant with the first transfer. If we had to recommend that CT improve anything, it is that there needs to be better coordination between the surrogate, egg donor, and IPs. We ran into a situation where our (then) egg donor was available for the time period on the website, but then she wanted to delay and delay the transfer because of her schedule, which freaked out our surrogate and could have delayed the process for 6 months. We're not sure what CT could have done per se, but ensuring that the egg donors know that they have to be flexible with their schedules would help. In the end, it worked out since we love our (new) egg donor.
(2010, International parents) was expensive. didn't treat all their clients evenly. forced our agency travel thru the USA for tests, but forgot to do one of the tests. bothering us with alleged debt from time to time, after almost three year since the process, with no actual grounds
(2007, International parents) CT Fertility is amazing. Dr Doyle and Dr Williams are wonderful. I now have 4 children!!!!!!!!!!!
(2015, USA parents) Dr. Doyle is an excellent doctor and clearly cared about our success rate. Our only issue with CT was the level of communication. Since it was our first surrogacy journey, it would have been helpful if the clinic spent more time with orienting us on the process and the medical background. It almost felt like we were expected to know everything about a good egg donor candidate. Intended parents would benefit greatly if the clinic spent a few minutes with the parents discussing the process. Overall, we would still recommend this clinic.
(2013, USA parents) We loved working with CT Fertility. Everyone there was friendly and professional, and made us feel very taken care of the entire time.
(2014, USA parents) CTF is wonderful - extremely responsive and professional. The staff is terrific. We loved them, and our surrogate did too. In addition to being professional, they are just nice people to work with. They made us comfortable. CTF was highly recommended to us by several of our friends.
(2013, USA parents) We had a great experience with CT Fertility. Everyone was incredibly supportive and caring, especially Sharron, Jamie and Dr. Doyle. We definitely recommend working with them.
(2012, USA parents) The team of CT Fertility was always very professional and totally adjust to our needs. They were very supportive and friendly during the full process and always very responsive while waiting for the pregnancy results. We highly recommend CT Fertility.
(2013, USA parents) I've called multiple fertility centers before choosing CT Fertility. Jamie made me feel at ease with his knowledge. He was friendly and made it more personable as oppose to being all business. Speaking with Dr. Doyle, i felt he was very confident in his work which further put my mind at ease. CT Fertility is quite a distance away but it's worth my trip.
(2016, USA parents) We used the clinic while Dr. Doyle was still there, so our experience may not be applicable now.
(2015, International parents) We had a bumpy road in the beginning (with some unsuccessful attempts) but the fantastic support from CT Fertility (especially Sharron Steere and Dr Doyle) encouraged us to continue our journey – and now we have two beautiful twin girls!
(2013, International parents) CT worked very well for us. Professional and delivered extremely well. We felt very supported by Dr. Doyle.
(2017, International parents) It was a little tricky to know who to speak to about different elements of the journey when we first contacted CT fertility and the advice about how to align the timings of surrogate search, egg donation, etc was a little ambiguous. However once we got past these initial conversations the teams were very helpful. The process of screening for the anonymous donor, tests for IPs, egg transfer and the information related to the early pregnancy were absolutely seamless and friendly. We implanted two eggs with one baby successfully conceived. It would be goof to see slightly more joined up case management but overall a very helpful and friendly team who managed out IVF journey smoothly and to a successful outcome. I would recommend and use again.
(2013, International parents) מרפאה מעולה. היו נחמדים ויעילים. מגוון תרומות ביצית לא מאד גדול, אבל כל התורמות מסוננות מראש רפואית מה שמאד מקל על התהליך.
(2007, USA parents) While I would generally recommend them to others, I have found another clinic that I prefer in terms of location, results, and price.
(2016, International parents) We will do the second half of the with them. This shows that we are really satisfied. Very friendly and helpful staff. They know what they do.
(2011, International parents) A very professional and friendly services. Worked first time so highly recommended.
(2010, USA parents) I have a positive experience workiing with CT Fertility and I strongly recommend the clinic to others
(2012, USA parents) CT Fertility was amazing. They were incredibly supportive, detail-oriented, and accessible. Dr. Doyle was always available to spend time talking over our rather complicated situation, and he couldn't have been more on top of things and helpful. Moreover, it's clear that he is incredibly competent and closely keeping up with the latest research and technology. Simply put, we couldn't have been more pleased with our experience with CT Fertility.
(2017, USA parents) I had two failed attempts and CT Fertility was very supportive and helpful every step of the way. Answered all questions and always fully explored all options. I was very happy with their service.
(2012, International parents) Connecticut Fertility Associates were helpful and experienced. We got pregnant from the first transfer.
(2015, USA parents) We highly recommend Dr. Doyle and CT Fertility! They went out of their way to help us and they were completely dedicated to helping us have children. We love them!
(2014, International parents) Poor information with us, made us feel a that every question was non sense. Poor personal aproaching from some of their staff.
(2012, USA parents) CT Fertility was excellent. HIgly receommend them. Overall A+ experience. Everyone very friendly and accessible 24/7.

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 72.1%
Two 14.2%
Three 8.7%
Four 2.7%
Five 1.6%
Six 0.6%
  Totals 183
Total Responses 183
Average 1.5

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 63.1%
Egg donation - fresh / shared (you received only part of the eggs your donor provided) 8.4%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 8.4%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 19.6%
Embryo donation (Embryos donated by other parents) 0.6%
Total Responses 179

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 28.5%
Known 63.7%
Other 7.8%
  Totals 179
Total Responses 179
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 180
Anonyme sauf vis à vis de l enfant 1
Anonymous until the children want to meet her 1
Anonymous, but am open to meet later in life 1
Anonymous. After birth she agreed to be in contact with us 1
Eggs from both known and unknown donors 1
En el contrato aparece como anónima pero la conocimos y tenemos contacto con ella. 1
Known but not willing to meet the child 1
Known idenity but no obligation or willingness to meet our children 1
She said known, but never answered my messages 1
Technically anonymous, but we met her and is willing to meet children in the future 1
anonima en contrato pero tenemos contacto con ella 1
anonomous for now but willing to meet children later 1
anonymous but had skype contact 1
identified 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 2.2%
Family or friend 2.2%
Surrogacy agency 18.6%
Independent Egg donation agency 10.9%
Fertility clinic 66.1%
  Totals 183
Total Responses 183

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 81.8%
Straight 18.2%
  Totals 176
Total Responses 176


Value Percent   Count
United States 59.2%
United Kingdom 5.8%
Israel 5.2%
Sweden 4.2%
Spain 4.2%
France 3.7%
Germany 3.1%
Ireland 2.1%
Switzerland 1.6%
Australia 1.6%
Netherlands 1.6%
Denmark 1.6%
Mexico 1.1%
Greece 1.1%
Colombia 0.5%
Austria 0.5%
Barbados 0.5%
Italy 0.5%
Norway 0.5%
Portugal 0.5%
Saint Lucia 0.5%
Brazil 0.5%
  Totals 191
Total Responses 191