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Fertility Centers of Illinois - provider profile and satisfaction report



Locations: Glenview, IL, USA
Contact: Mark Walker
Email: mark.walker@integramed.com
Phone: 847-832-6840

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 42
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 43
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 43
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 25
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 35
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 16
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 97.7%
No 2.3%
Total Responses 43
Average 1.0

Clinic reviews and comments

(2012, USA parents) Dr. Kaplan and his staff were great.
(2014, International parents) Clinique très efficace et professionnelle. Beaucoup de patients.
(2014, International parents) Dr Kaplan and his team have been excellent
(2016, USA parents) another great place smooth and supportive the whole way
(2017, International parents) This IVF center is great. Dr. Kaplan took care of my case. He is an experienced and professional doctor. Everything ran so smooth andsuccessful with egg retrieval, IVF, embryo selection and embryo transfer etc. Both the nurse and the coordinator are nice and supportive. I love them.
(2018, USA parents) Dr. Kaplan was wonderful and FCI was great. The only possible constructive critique that I could give is that it felt like we kept getting new nurses a little too often. Sometimes I wasn't sure who to contact when we had questions or needed follow-up. Everything else was wonderful and they were very professional.
(2012, USA parents) FCI did a great job. Excellent health care providers. Great communication, very patient friendly. Multiple locations in Chicago for ease of access for surrogate and egg donor.
(2017, USA parents) The medical treatment was excellent and our first transfer was successful. Dr. Kaplan is the best. But we did not feel FCI was very gay-friendly or responsive. In particular, one of the billing people treated us terribly when it came to our insurance. She would not respond to emails or calls, and she refused to acknowledge that our insurance would cover the egg donor's medical expenses, even though we had a letter from our insurance company telling her that they would. She was openly hostile when we spoke on the phone. It was completely irrational, and we think she treated us that way because she was homophobic. Also, in the rooms where men provide sperm samples, there is only heterosexual "graphic materials," which we found strange given the number of gay men presumably using their services. It's a minor issue, but it made us feel very "other" in that situation.
(2015, USA parents) The only reason I gave 9 stars rather than 10 for "gay friendly and knowledgeable" is that it never really came up. I guess that counts as friendly and knowledgeable since it was a non-issue in the entire process, but "knowledgeable" is hard to evaluate in those circumstances.
(2014, USA parents) The coordination and knowledge of the staff was excellent. One oddity I experienced was that the appointment time was scheduled on transfer day for some time between 6:30am and 11am, which was not an appreciation of our time, especially since we were flying to and from NY. Upon asking for a better time estimate, and suggesting this made things feel uncoordinated from a patient perspective. I got a rather defensive email from Dr. Kaplan regarding how highly scientific and sophisticated the setup was and that he understood I might not be expected to know this because "this wasn't my field." (I didn't tell him I went to medical school, which might have made him more conscientious of his patronizing behavior.) This issue was one of office time management, not a request for being talked down to. Also, the third surrogate we used who was successful and whose body was stellar for surrogacy was initially not cleared by Dr. Kaplan for reasons other physicians seemed overly cautious. This was annoying given that we were at the time on a third surrogate after the first two were the ones that had much less ideal characteristics.
(2015, USA parents) FCI was amazing along with Dr. Kaplan. Simply fantastic people full of knowledge and support. So happy with this decision and would recommend them to everyone!
(2015, USA parents) Working with Dr. Kaplan and his lab was much more comfortable than I expected. I was updated on the development of my embryos and given the results of the genetic testing very quickly. I didn't know what to expect, and thought I'd be hearing all kinds of medical jargon that didn't mean anything to me, but they were really helpful and walked me through the parts I didn't understand. The testing was well worth the money and I have normal embryos stored there that I may use in the future if I decide to try for another child. I have recommended Dr. Kaplan to others, one of whom has also had a child from this lab, and I don't regret the recommendation.
(2017, USA parents) The fertility center was also great. The doctor was amazing and were very helpful with questions and pricing options.
(2010, International parents) Hemos hecho dos ciclos exitosos a la Primera. El primero Dio como reultado a nuestra hija Victoria. El Segundo fue hace unas semanas, nuestra surto esta de 11 semanas de embarazo.
(2016, USA parents) Everyone did a excellent job at the fertility center overall was a little disorganized for our expectations but Dr. Kaplan was a gentleman.
(2016, International parents) All of them are very professional. They can be a bit distant, but professional nonetheless.

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 74.4%
Two 12.8%
Three 7.7%
Four 2.6%
Five 2.6%
  Totals 39
Total Responses 39
Average 1.5

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 28.6%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 31.0%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 38.1%
Embryo donation (Embryos donated by other parents) 2.4%
Total Responses 42

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 51.3%
Known 28.2%
Other 20.5%
  Totals 39
Total Responses 39
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 35
Anonymous but open to possibility of meeting someday 1
Conocida no quiere conocer a los niños 1
Open to know after parantage established 1
Semi opem 1
it was myself 1
semi anonyme 2
We have agreed to the possibility of future contact though anonymous email accounts and through our surrogacy agency which also facilitated the egg donation 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 7.3%
Surrogacy agency 65.9%
Independent Egg donation agency 17.1%
Fertility clinic 9.8%
  Totals 41
Total Responses 41

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 80.5%
Straight 19.5%
  Totals 41
Total Responses 41


Value Percent   Count
United States 57.1%
Spain 23.8%
France 7.1%
Argentina 4.8%
United Kingdom 2.4%
Switzerland 2.4%
Taiwan 2.4%
  Totals 42
Total Responses 42