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ORM Fertility - Oregon Reproductive Medicine - provider profile and satisfaction report

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Locations: Portland, OR, USA
Contact: Megan Armand OR Craig Reisser
Email: ORMSurrogacyNewPatientTeam@portlandivf.net
Phone: 503-274-4994

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Year founded: 1989
Employees: 115


About ORM Fertility:*

Love is Family. Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) is one of the world's leading IVF clinics for donor egg surrogacy. For over 25 years we have been helping LGBTQ intended parents from 40 countries build their families. We are recognized globally for personalized care and consistently achieving among the highest live birth success rates for donor egg surrogacy, which are available in the SART database, among all US IVF clinics. ORM Donors is our in-house egg donor program. Our locally-based donors are fully and rigorously-screened which minimizes time, risk and cost for intended parents. ORM Surrogacy is our program for intended parents working with a surrogate as part of their family building. ORM is one of the most experienced IVF clinics for surrogacy, with a dedicated team for managing these complex processes and longstanding relationships with the most experienced and respected surrogacy agencies. ORM Genomics is our program for integrating the most advanced reproductive genomics care and screening into every journey. Our team of in-house genetics counselors works with every donor and intended parent. Our goal is to give every intended parent the very best chance for success and a healthy baby on their first attempt.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 130
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 130
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 130
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 124
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 125
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 100
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 96.9%
No 3.1%
Total Responses 128
Average 1.0

Clinic reviews and comments

(2011, USA parents) ORM was the best clinic ever to deal with. The 9 star reviews are primarily because as a same sex couple not everyone has the experience of that so there were occasional light oversights, is each of us got asked who the mother / wife is and then had to say it's the man stood next to me! It didn't matter at all tours, and again is probably because gay people having children is still a novelty. Portland is a wonderful city and was also very gay friendly. I think the staff at the clinic thought we were very cute for doing this process too and we did feel very special. Dr Bankowski who helped us through the process was amazing answers the staff nurses involved. All questions were answered every time and we always felt that we had contact with the relevant and correct person. Circle had worked with the clinic previously on a same sex surrogacy and we also did due diligence research ourselves as I would advise other people to do. Circle also partner with Connecticut Fertility Institute who we didn't think was a brilliant match for us. Circle were more than able and willing to accommodate our personal choice in them matter.
(2012, International parents) Carry, the coordinator was awful!!
(2012, International parents) They did a fantastic job of keeping us in the loop while we were living in Switzerland when the embryo transfer occurred.
(2012, USA parents) ORM was great but their invoicing was very confusing and there wasn't much internal communication between departments (egg donor and surrogates were handled by separate people) so it made figuring out what was going on pretty tough. Their invoices didn't line up with the estimate as they changed the titles and it was very frustrating.
(2013, International parents) Dr Hesla and his team were fantastic. Amazing people to deal with. Very responsive and always willing to help. The whole experience with them was very enjoyable - we would work with them again without hesitation and recommend them to anyone.
(2013, International parents) Very good profesionals and know how.
(2013, International parents) מאוד מאוד מקצועיים. אחוזי הצלחה פנומנליים.
(2013, USA parents) Absolutely the best especially Dr. Hesla. A bit pricey but they get the job done right the first time. Tip: start looking for your egg donor early on and be prepared to be decisive since the good donors in their in house program get snapped up quickly.
(2013, USA parents) Clinic was professional and friendly..no problems with doctor who is excellent, however the patient coordinator "Cary" was not very responsive and often times difficult to reach. If it wasn't for her the place would get higher rating, however, we are not complaining because we had success with our first try and I attribute that to the physician, Dr Bangkowski.
(2013, USA parents) Numerous mistakes were made in several different departments, including medical errors. If we had not done IVF previously and consequently had a fair amount of knowledge about the process, things would have been even worse.
(2013, USA parents) The doctors were great. Their support staff needs help. We learned to get everything in writing as I could not trust what the support staff told us.
(2013, USA parents) Very professional, only downside is that they seemed really busy, were slow to return phone calls and our transfer seemed to get delayed. Also, the egg donor portion of the agency was really competitive for good donors, we eventually found our own.
(2014, International parents) ORM did an amazing job and we were extremely satisfied with them in every step throughout the process. We have read a bad review about the coordinator Carrie on this website, but our experience with her and all(!) other staff was merely positive. Carrie was fantastic!!
(2014, International parents) Rien à dire, professionnalisme et résultats au rendez-vous! Merci au Dr B. et à toute son équipe !
(2014, International parents) סופר מקצועיים! נתוני ההצלחה שלהם מצויינים! החזרנו שני עוברים ונקלטנו עם אחד. אנחנו ממליצים בחום. קארי שליוותה אותנו היתה חמה ומדהימה, נתנה הרגשה אישית ואנחנו בקשר איתה עד היום.
(2014, USA parents) Thank you to Dr. Bankowski and Carry for guiding us through this process.
(2014, USA parents) We went through two rounds with the clinic. The first try resulted in a miscarriage at 11 weeks. Throughout the process, the staff was helpful and made sure we were looped. As we don't live in Oregon, this was especially helpful given that we were relying on the surrogacy agency and the clinic to keep us posted. ORM has a very high success rate, which was a draw for us. We trust their medical judgement and we're glad we were able to work with their team.
(2015, International parents) Dr. Hesla, Marissa and the whole team of ORM and The Reproductive Lab were incredible supporters, friendly and always professional. They desserve a 5* for all the support and great IVF treatments they provide to intended parents. Dr. Hesla was always truly & genuinely here -- even in the most challenging moments -- when our two first cycles did not succeed. It's not about the success rate but about the true & real support you receive from your IVF Clinic, and in short: ORM is just outstanding. They are genuinely here to help you get there. Thank you so much Dr. Hesla, Marissa and all the team. You are awesome!
(2015, International parents) Good service but a bit expensive
(2015, International parents) Great staff, now that they also have an Israeli department and their new social network for patient really helped us. they are friendly and very compassion. but the most important is their success rate and the fact that Dr Bankowsky does wonders. first try healthy twins!
(2015, International parents) ORM has a strong point: its amazing results regarding IVF. But there is a real and lasting problem with the administrative team: lack of response (too many e-mails left unanswered, too many approximative information...) and lack of communication with the patients, and inside the firm (the miscommunication is made worse by the fact that you do not have a single case handler). At the end of the journey you have the kids, but be prepared to hear many "I'm so sorry..."
(2015, International parents) ORM was very responsive and understanding. We had no troubles. The only hiccoughs we had had to due with fees. There was some confusion about a discount but we sorted it out. There was some miscommunication between a discount that I believe was offered through Men Having Babies and what the financial people at ORM were aware of (or not aware of in our case). But in terms of medical professionalism, our doctor was there to skype and and answer all our concerns. They have a very high success rate and a long history of this and it shows.
(2015, International parents) ORM were very professional, and coordinated the process very smoothly.
(2015, International parents) best place to do this! amazing people! carrie is supportive and took care of us so perfectly! i will always remember the people! and of course - first try! everything went perfect!!! and they even kept in touch after the IVF and always wanted to help!
(2015, USA parents) ORM is a highly professional and competent organization. We were given data and detailed information at every step of the way. They were efficient, clear in their communications and affordable. We highly recommend them.
(2015, USA parents) ORM was Amazing.
(2015, USA parents) The fertility clinic was great. They were always very patient with all of my questioning and worked hard to accommodate and provide answers to all of my concerns through the process.
(2015, USA parents) They were the best, we went to another clinic in Los Angeles first but didn't go with that clinic as it was less personable and we just felt like a number there and that they just wanted our money , ORM was very personable and we felt a better connection with them .
(2016, International parents) Dr. Brandon Bankowski and our recipient coordinator Carrie Cheshier,did an excellent job! We highly recommend ORM to all IPs.
(2016, International parents) International parents are charged more than US citizens. Seriously - like by being foreign means we should pay more for the same service. This I found disappointing. From the medical side we found things to be exceptionally good, we were pregnant on the second embryo transfer. Communication was not good - our coordinator Carrie did not keep us up to date with what was happening with transfers, medical timetables, etc. Dr Bankowski was exceptional - highly recommend him.
(2016, International parents) La clinique ORM est très sérieuse et fait un travail exceptionnel! Toute l'équipe est présente à toutes les étapes du process. Toutes les informations sont très claires. Lors d'un échec ( oeuf blanc), l'équipe a été très présente aussi bien avec nous que avec la mère porteuse. Le Docteur HESLA nous avait écrit lui même pour nous expliquer et nous rassurer . Le deuxième essai a fonctionné ! Nous recommandons la clinique ORM!
(2016, International parents) Perfect except some rare slower response through mail contacts.
(2016, International parents) Professional, responsive and friendly. Expert team that kept me updated on every step of the way.
(2016, International parents) The Good: Very professional and exceptional success rates. The Bad: Very limited egg donor database (at least when we looked). Very slow response times from our coordinator in the clinic. The Israeli representatives were very helpful!
(2016, International parents) We felt that ORM is a top notch IVF clinic. They new their work and their professionalism was felt throughout the process. We felt we have someone to count on.
(2016, International parents) We were very fortunate to have a successful pregnancy due to the highest level of medical skill and knowledge our DR. and the team had to offer. Yet, our experience with our Case Manager (whom out of basic respect we would rather not name) was different. That person repeatedly avoided our emails, literally lied on several occasions, was superficially nice but actually very dismissive and all in all gave the impression of a depressed, burnt-out employee who is just there to punch the ticket and go home. If there was one reason we would NOT recommend ORM is because of this person upon which we were totally dependant upon but wasn't there for us at all. So basically from our point of view it boils down to whether you're willing to swallow the bad treatment but get the bottom-line results or not. The choice is yours... Good luck!
(2016, International parents) just the best clinic, the best team, and the best success rates!!
(2016, International parents) חוץ מהעניין שהמרפאה נעלמת לחלוטין מרגע שיש קליטה של הריון וחסר קצת הטאצ' האישי של החברה האמריקאית (כי יש נציגות בישראל) מדובר במפראה מקצועית ומהמחמירות בבדיקות הפונדקאיות לפני תחילת התהליך.
(2016, International parents) מרפאה מדהימה, אנשים מדהימים, מומלץ בחום! צוות ישראלי נוסף שתומך לאורך על התהליך.
(2016, USA parents) Dr Helsa and his team were from the start a refreshing restart from bad past experiences. We came to ORM from a referral from a husband and wife team who used the IVF services. So we had a great reference. ORM was clear with directions for us and our GC. Our GC felt good and we had such a welcoming experience with a great success. We had a very positive from the first skype meeting to the transfer.
(2016, USA parents) We could not be happier with the treatment we received from ORM! Dr. Hesla and his entire staff were wonderful to work with and were quick to answer our many questions throughout the process. Julie Ryles in particular was a delight to work with. She made the entire IVF process seem easy. Liz our embryologist was also great to work with. One of the really nice things about ORM is how they handle same sex male couples. Many IVF clinics enforce a 6 month quarantine on the sperm of gay men, treating it the same way the FDA treats "tissue donation." This practice is borderline offensive and discriminatory towards gay men. ORM does not treat it this way and there is no quarantine period. This greatly decreases the amount of time the process a takes and doesn't treat gay male couples any differently than straight couples. We transferred two embryos (one from myself and one from my husband) and we got pregnant with twins on our first transfer. Their results speak for themselves!
(2017, International parents) ORM did a great job. They are using the best and accurate medical procedures and have a all range of options they explain you so you can have a "tailor made" experience. Everybody there is friendly, always ready to help and give advice to lead you along your journey.
(2017, International parents) We chose ORM for their reputation as being highly professional and having high success rates. Our twins were born on the first cycle and we have additional embryos for more cycles. ORM were always responsive. The only thing that needs to be improved is their donor database - there are not that many donors and the competition on each new donor is high. I don't know how it is with other clinics so I cannot compare. I think that the reason why there are not so many new donors is that it takes them time to screen a new donor so when one is on the list you can be sure that there is a high chance that many good eggs will be withdrawn (so this is the positive side of this).
(2017, International parents) While we were very happy with the quality of the medical staff, communication with ORM was lacking, to say the least. We were not updated on time regarding schedules, ultrasound appointments, received occasional medical bills that we were not supposed to pay, had confidential medical documents sent to the wrong address, and overall felt administration did not match the quality of the medical service or the very high fees.
(2017, USA parents) Very competent clinic. Instilled confidence from the beginning.
(2018, International parents) Excellent clinic, great results. A bit impersonal and expensive but worth it.
(2018, International parents) No words to describe how thankful and satisfied we are with ORM! Throughout the whole period they were very professional, supportive and kind and gave us the feeling we are in the right place. A special thanks to Erez Baron, the Israeli representative of the clinic who supported us and was available for every small and big question we had and thanks to him we were much more relaxed.
(2018, USA parents) Great clinic but their billing department is a mess. Always check your statements just to verify things are correct before submitting payment! Staff was great and everything else A+!
(2018, USA parents) ORM was amazing in helping us identify an egg donor and getting good quality embryos. They were a little more expensive then some other fertility clinics but based upon the recommendation of our surrogacy agency, A Family Tree Surrogacy, we choose ORM. They seem to have a high success rate. ORM staff was professional and Dr. Helsa was great! If we do decide to do another surrogacy journey we will definitely use ORM again.
(2018, USA parents) ORM were great, from the point of research until now we can say only good things on the service. During the process we had an Amazing coordinator, all was well planned and supervised by our coordinator and the surrogate's coordinator . We required to 1 cycle only thanks to the professional work that ORM did to create and test the embryos as well as the transfer. We were very satisfied and defiantly recommend on ORM!!!
(2018, USA parents) Overall and excellent clinic. Dr. B is very knowledgeable, excellent results at the end. We felt that the surrogate screening could be a bit more stringent. The egg donor screening and databas was excellent.
(2019, International Parents) ORM know what they are doing but at times it feels like a factory.
(2019, International Parents) The doctors here are excellent. We only had one cycle with one embryo and got pregnant. Don't need to say more than that!
(2019, International Parents) We are very satisfied with ORM as part of our surrogacy journey. Most importantly, they were very professional, and seemed completely on top of the game from a medical perspective. We finished the process with more than 10 viable embryos (not that we would ever need that many LOL), and the first transfer was successful. In addition, we found our egg donor through them, and are very happy with our choice. The egg donor bank had roughly 30 or a bit more egg donors, not a huge one, but was enough for us to find a match we were happy with. In addition to that, ORM facilitated a semi-anonymous meeting with our egg donor, and were very professional in handling this sensitive and exciting meeting. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about a similar journey.
(2019, International parents) Attentive and professional staff. Very experienced in working with international parents. It took a while to find a suitable egg donor, but our overall experience was wonderful.
(2019, International parents) The staff at ORM were just amazing! From their local representative in Israel (Mr. Erez Baron) to the staff at Oregon. We are so happy that we chose ORM as our fertility clinic.
(2019, USA Parents) We had a great experience with ORM and Dr. Bankowski. We really appreciated their clear depth of knowledge, their thoughtful, evidence-based processes, and the ease of communicating with their staff. The option to use ORM's pre-screened database of egg donors simplified our journey enormously, and the billing and admin was easy. The folks at ORM clearly base their practices on the best fertility science available, and care enormously about doing everything they can to ensure that transfers result in healthy outcomes. (Ours did on the first try.) I think what makes them remarkable is that they manage to do that and treat everyone with so much humanity and kindness. Lastly, they offered us sessions with a psychologist and a geneticist, and both gave us a lot of really useful insight and helped us understand this journey from an early stage. We would definitely recommend them.
(2020, International parents) 我们是从朋友那得知的ORM,我们也来menhavingbabies.org和Facebook上查询到了ORM的情况,并查了ORM每个医生的信息,然后尝试邮件了ORM,他们竟然有中文服务,前期的沟通都很顺畅。我们选择的是Bankowski医生,Bankowski和蔼可亲,对我们的很多简单问题都回答得很认真。我们第一次选的捐卵者取卵失败,失败的费用Bankowski给我们打了五折,特别感谢Bankowski。还好后边的流程都特别顺利。ORM里的各个职员都很友好,也很专业。只是后期怀孕后,他们的中文服务邮件回复速度就慢了,不知道为什么,英语邮件就回复得很及时,但对整个流程没有影响,整体上来说还是很满意ORM的服务。
(2020, USA parents) Highly responsive, professional, helpful and reassuring to both the parents and the surrogate. Couldn't have been more satisfied with our choice.
(2020, USA parents) This is the second time we used ORM, we were successful on the first transfer for our son, it took two transfers for our second one. We worked with Dr. Hesla, who is a delight to work with, knowledgeable and accessible. Everyone we were in touch with ORM is a total professional.
(2020, USA parents) We went into clinic knowing we wanting a family with one child from each and that's what ORM did for even after first cycle resulted in no normal embryos for one of us they significantly discounted a 2nd cycle for us to get there.
Very good clinic and very high success rate for frozen embryo transfer

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 80.2%
Two 15.1%
Three 4.0%
Four 0.8%
  Totals 126
Total Responses 126
Average 1.3

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 34.2%
Egg donation - fresh / shared (you received only part of the eggs your donor provided) 1.6%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 18.7%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 44.7%
Embryo donation (Embryos donated by other parents) 0.8%
Total Responses 123

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 48.4%
Known 41.8%
Other 9.8%
  Totals 122
Total Responses 122
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 119
Anonymat jusqu'aux 16 ans de l'enfant 1
Anonymous but may get in touch later (Donor Sibling Registry) 1
Anonymous, but open to the possiblity of meeting in the future 1
Donor Sibling Registry 1
Me 1
Partially anonymous - we had Skype and have pics but don\'t know her name 1
Semi-anonyme - contact via le DSR 1
Unknown to us, but appears in the a registry, so that the child would be able to find her 1
הסכימה להיות ידועה, בחרנו שלא להיפגש אבל היא מוכנה לפגוש את הילדים בעתיד הרחוק 1
We met the egg donor anonymously, i.e. without exchanging last names. We took pictures and had a nice chat, and she agreed reply at least once through the anonymous donor registery, though we are doubtful it will indeed work out in 20 years if our child would want to contact her... so for all practical purposes it was an anonymous donation 1
We don\'t know who she is, but are in touch with her through a donor sibling database, and she is willing to meet our children 1
פגשנו אותה אבל אין לנו פרטים שלה 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Family or friend 1.6%
Surrogacy agency 3.3%
Independent Egg donation agency 10.7%
Fertility clinic 84.4%
  Totals 122
Total Responses 122

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 93.0%
Straight 7.0%
  Totals 128
Total Responses 128


Value Percent   Count
United States 47.7%
Israel 23.1%
France 10.0%
Belgium 3.1%
Luxembourg 2.3%
Australia 2.3%
Canada 2.3%
Norway 2.3%
China 2.3%
Germany 1.5%
United Kingdom 1.5%
Ireland 0.8%
Sweden 0.8%
  Totals 130
Total Responses 130