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Huntington Reproductive Center - provider profile and satisfaction report



Locations: , CA, USA
Contact: Dr. Robert Boostanfar
Email: boostanfarivf@havingbabies.com OR courtneyl@havingbabies.com
Phone: 866-472-4483

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Year founded:


About Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC Fertility):*

For more than 20 years, HRC Fertility (HRC) has introduced and perfected new fertility treatments and procedures. Our impressive fertility success rates are due to our commitment to cutting edge reproductive technology. The HRCIVF treatment program's long, very successful history cements our place as one of the top fertility clinics in the nation. We are committed to giving our clients every infertility treatment option.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 30
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 28
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 28
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 18
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 22
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 16
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 90.0%
No 10.0%
Total Responses 30
Average 0.9

Clinic reviews and comments

(2000, International parents) Excelent, very advanced using the latest equipment, A very good success rate baby going home. We fully recommend HCR and their latest clinic at Encino.
(2011, International parents) I think that the medications provided to the surrogate could have been more aggressive. It took 3 attempts for the surrogate to become pregnant and we found out later that injectible hormones were only given to her for the 3rd attempt. Many fertility doctors give these on all attempts.
(2012, International parents) We used HRC and found them medically to be excellent. Some of their support staff are not so good and knowledgable or responsive to emails. Note that Nurses and Doctors are fine - it is the "coorindators, financial counsellors, etc" that we had issues with - they could have communicated better and not sent out nonsense emails or ignored emails when questions were too hard for them.
(2013, International parents) Perfect is the only word. The accomodation is not really relevant for the clinic.
(2013, USA parents) The Dr. Was apparently working with Planet Hospital. I question if we were completely informed about the relationship and if there was a conflict of interest.
(2015, International parents) I went to HRC Encino with Dr. Boostanfar. He is amazing and great as I only went through one cycle and have my baby safely. The most beautiful boy. Thanks for them.
(2015, USA parents) Great facility. We plan on using them again in the near future.
(2015, USA parents) Used dr boostanfar, very good chair side manner. Fresh cycle did not take, and surprised dr. Boostanfar considering embryos were tested and considered grade aa, but, frozen cycle resulted in twin live births. He is great, the support staff especially during transfer had some language communication issues which resulted in surrogate having no clue what the instructions were.
(2016, International parents) EL trato ha sido muy frio. Poco cercanos. Tienes que tener ya una buena experiencia o ir bien informado porque allí te tratan cómo que ya lo tienes que saber todo. La explicación de los packs y el trato con la sección de finanzas y los que te reclaman los pagos es muy mala. No repetiria ésta clínica en otro ciclo si no fuera porque ya tienen embriones nuestros guardados y congelados. Ahora con lo que sé buscaria una clinica más cercana y más humana.
(2016, USA parents) Pricey but good service. However, the first two cycles failed with grade A embryos. Not sure if failures should be attributed to random chance or operational errors.
(2017, International parents) The clinic was overall great, the Doctor we had was amazing, however the day to day communication with the nurse cordinator was hot and miss.
(2018, International parents) HRC at Encino is impressive. Dr Tourgeman is incredible. We needed just one transfer. They monitor very tightly all the process.
(2018, International parents) So far as I know HRC is good for the success rate and specialty. I chose HRC Pasadena because my friend recommended it. Everything is fine except that sometimes their response is pretty slow. I asked some questions and waited forever to get the answers. They requested for some additional bills after my surrogate's second implant. Understandable those are outside my package. However they just asked for that amount of money and my credit card authorization form. I asked for some details, at least an invoice or receipt. Then no reply again. I would definitely not recommend HRC to others because overall I felt I was ignored, not concerned.
(2018, International parents) Very professional and also have good translation service.
(2018, USA parents) We had 5 embryos and all 5 of them took. They give you an 85% chance of working and we got 100%. Great company.
(2019, International Parents) Very professional and organized.
(2019, International parents) I'm actually sad to leave such review but I have to be honest and hope that they can take my feedback as way of improving their services. Out of all the IVF doctors we interviewed we loved Dr Kolb. He was very knowledgeable and informational before and throughout the process. Unfortunately the issues began with our egg donor, who had a bad experience at the clinic by the nurses and staff. She felt judged and unwelcome in the visits leading to and during the egg retrieval procedure. Out of 24 eggs we only ended up with two good embryos, which was ok but not ideal. We are unsure as to why this low results. The donor's previous client secured over four embryos in total. Of course this could have been many factors, but thought I'd mention. The surrogate also had a less than pleasant experience at the clinic, and it had to do with nurses and staff. She found several miscommunications regarding appointments and procedures. In one instance they emailed her another patient's private information accidentally. The day of the transfer they wrote on the board the name of the father whose embryo was NOT going to be transferred that day. We are seriously contemplating transferring our remaining embryo to a different clinic and with a different doctor.
HRC and Dr Kolb were professional and I felt well taken care of throughout the whole process. The location was convenient and I was more than happy to fly there for their services. Yes, their waiting room is always full with patients (mostly Chinese), but I take that as a good sign they know what they are doing. I plan to use them again for my second journey!

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 79.3%
Two 10.3%
Three 10.3%
  Totals 29
Total Responses 29
Average 1.3

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 50.0%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 3.9%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 46.2%
Total Responses 26

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 54.2%
Known 33.3%
Other 12.5%
  Totals 24
Total Responses 24
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 27
known but not name and address 1
no nos lo dijeron muy claro 1
we may not know who she is but she is willing to meet the children 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 7.7%
Surrogacy agency 46.2%
Independent Egg donation agency 46.2%
  Totals 26
Total Responses 26

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 77.8%
Straight 22.2%
  Totals 27
Total Responses 27


Value Percent   Count
United States 56.7%
Australia 16.7%
Spain 6.7%
Italy 6.7%
United Kingdom 3.3%
Portugal 3.3%
Belgium 3.3%
Taiwan 3.3%
  Totals 30
Total Responses 30