Locations: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Contact: Vicken Sahakian
Email: drsahakian@gmail.com
Phone: 310.209.7700

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Year founded: 1992
Employees: 30


About Pacific Fertility Center-Los Angeles:*

We can trace our roots to the introduction of in-vitro fertilization into mainstream medicine. Pacific Fertility Center-Los Angeles (PFCLA) was founded more than a decade ago by the team that pioneered the nation’s first private in-vitro fertilization center. Since that time, our physicians have introduced a number of innovations in the treatment of infertility, and we have been at the vanguard in defining standards of care and accountability. We’re proud to note that today more than 4000 children across the world owe their conception to the treatment their parents received at our centers.

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 44
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 44
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 44
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 28
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 41
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 26
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 90.9%
No 9.1%
Total Responses 44
Average 0.9

Clinic reviews and comments

Muy professionales !!! Yo quería una ninña y lo hacerto ...
Professional and responsive
The Nurses at Dr. Sahakian are fantastic and very helpful!
Watch their accounting
We had a wonderful experience at PFCLA. Dr. Sahakian is awesome!
Wendy was amazing! Worked first transfer. Highly recommended.
The clinic made a successful transfer on the first try. We only wanted to transfer one embryo and they convinced us to do two which may have caused the success. This also helps their reputation. Also, this clinic is on more expensive than others.
PFLCA is an excellent Fertility Clinic. Communication was sometimes lax and we felt we had to constantly dig to find out what was going on. Staff changes did not help. Cost was a very major issue. They had excellent choices for the overall Fertility process, but the cost was extremely high.
העבירו עוברים לפונדקאית בלי להתייעץ איתנו תחילה בקשר למספר (בניגוד למסוכם מראש).
PFC was great - Dr Sahakian was a wonderful breath of fresh air in an emotional journey - clear advice, fun, and professional.
Dr. Sahakian and their staff were very friendly and offered prompt service. The clinic was clean and professional, their information was clear, and they were very communicative both to us and our surrogate.
PFC and the doctor who looked after us were excellent - nothing was sugar-coated, which is what we needed. It resulted in pregnancy at the first attempt (the doctor advised against a transfer with our first surrogate), and we have beautiful twins to thank the doctor for.
We are international parents and Dr Nurit Winkler was an exceptional support. She cares so much about her patients and their individual stories it's really amazing. She explained the process very well and also her screening of our surrogate was excellent. We can definitely recommend her!
We felt in good hands at PFC and Dr. Shahakian. He gave us good recomandations when we had to find a second donor(the first prosess did not end up giving any embryos).
We are very happy with the clinic Pacific Fertility Center and especially our doctor Vic Sahakien. He was very professional but also human and gave us straight forward advice. And the staff was very friendly and professional.
Dr. Sahakian was great. He answered all of our questions and was frank in his opinion of the egg donor & surrogate. The staff was accomodating, and we had healthy twins on the first try!!! I would use his center again in a heartbeat.
I'm not sure I can sufficiently convey how incompetent we found Dr. Sahakian to be nor how unsatisfied we were with our 2.5 years with him. Our surrogacy journey while we were with PFCLA was an utter disaster. First and foremost, despite having proven donors and surrogates who had flawless track records, he was unable to get us pregnant even after 3 cycles. Note that he is one of the few doctors whose statistics are not available at SART.ORG, which in retrospect should have been a red flag. I can't believe we didn't pay more attention to that fact. Second, he was completely unresponsive and pays absolutely no attention to the details. Once his clinic received their fees, he was impossible to get on the phone, and when we did get him on the phone we were constantly rushed. I don't think we ever had more than a 5 or 10 minute conversation with him, despite going through 3 unsuccessful cycles. His beside manner--both to us, to our donor, and to our surrogate--was terrible. He consistently got everyone's name wrong, mixed up the facts of our cycles, etc. Finally, he is unbelievably unprofessional. His clinic misattributed the paternity of one of our frozen embryos, which is simply an unforgivable error for an IVF clinic (the paternity was attributed to my husband, but in fact it turned out to be created with my sperm). When this error was pointed out to him, rather than look into it he responded with an angry, flaming email in which he simply denied any wrong doing. When I provided him with irrefutable evidence of the error, he sent a weak apology for his prior email but NEVER apologized for the fact that his lab made this terrible mistake. The list of issues we had with him goes on and on. We nearly gave up on our hopes of having a family after our experience with PFCLA, but persevered and switched clinics to CT Fertility. I cannot say enough good things about them--not only did we get pregnant immediately, but the level of support, professionalism, and expertise was just excellent. Dr. Doyle and his staff were nothing short of amazing to us, and provided a particularly stark contrast to PFCLA. Please know that this review does not come from a personal ax to grind, but a wish to take our terrible experience and do something productive with it by sharing our experience with those just starting out in the process. As I said, we nearly gave up on our life's dream of having a family, and the single most reason for that was because of our initial decision of working with PFCLA.
Absolutely outstanding. I would highly recommend. He treated me, my donor and surrogate with the utmost respect
The service was smooth and efficient. The medical advice from the doctor was concise and informative. The experience was positive overall.
For parents with no notable medical knowledge it is difficult to rate a fertility clinic. What we have learned is that different clinics apply very different protocols for an IVF. We cannot judge wether PFCLA is efficient, but in our case the first fresh cycle failed despite a harvest of 17 viable eggs and 12 embryos and despite the fact that our surrogate responded very well to her treatment. The second cycle with two frozen embryos worked. On the upside PFCLA doesn't seem to overdo it with medication for the surrogate and especially the egg donor. Some clinics push egg donors up to 60 eggs per donation (that's 5 years of fertility, not to mention the harm done by all the meds). And the staff is caring and efficient with their patients. However, communication is not their strong point. The director of the clinic, Dr. Sahakian, was truly a friendly and compassionate person, but also a very busy one. One shouldn't expect more than an occasional oneliner by email. But always friendly and quick. An additional advantage that when we signed up, PFCLA proposed un unlimited IVF to live birth plan to circle clients at a competitive rate. It's difficult not to recommend a clinic that has succeeded an IVF and made us parents, but it is very difficult to evaluate them because an IVF is a very, very complicated technique with an enormous number of variables.
Pacific Fertility Center was wonderful to us and treated us like any other couple. Dr. Sahakian provided us with his recommendations throughout the process which we believe helped us reach our goal to have a child!
Pacific Fertility is an amazing IVF clinic. Dr. Sahakian has a fantastic way about him. His advice and guidance during the process was spot on. His staff is detail-oriented, friendly, and organized. Prices are very competitive. We were living in NYC when we used him, and doing the IVF in California with Pacific Fertility was well worth it (and we got a nice vacation in Santa Monica)!
Dr Sahakian, Wendy and all the team was great. As foreign couple who had never done any fertility treatment, our guidance from them was so great that we were able to do it with e-mail and Skype calls (the first time that I did the injection they were there watching me doing that, so I would do it right!!!!) The professional level was incredible. Our appointments were short but very effective. The feedback after the retrieval, even though it was on a weekend and in a holiday was almost hourly to check on me and to send us the results. The feedback from our surrogate regarding them it was very good as well and they did their surveillance (as expected) during the all period until there was an absolute pregnancy result. They were great and we would go there again!
The clinic was recommended by our surrogacy agency. They made a successful transfer on the first try with just one embryo. Pros: Professional, friendly and a great doctor in Dr. Sahakian (which he is well aware of!). Cons: Expensive (but worth it), some confusion over the timeline and calendar which meant we had to book flights at the last minute in order to be there for retrieval and transfer. Would definitely recommend PFCLA to others.
Dr Sahakian was recommended to us by our surrogate, who had been treated at PFCLA successfully on two occasions. Clearly the success or failure of IVF treatment can often determine the feedback for any clinic or doctor. So perhaps our judgement is coloured by the fact that we are proud parents of a wonderful baby boy thanks to Dr Sahakian. Dr Sahakian attended to us personally. For us this cut out a lot of administration and bureaucracy that is part and parcel of gestational surrogacy. Dr Sahakian always made time for us. If we needed a call with him for five minutes to obtain reassurance on a particular point, then we just had to schedule a call with 24 hours’ notice. His responses to our many questions by e-mail were incredibly prompt. This was so important to us, in what was naturally an unsettling time for us. The schedule at PFCLA was very clear, and they managed our expectations well in terms of next steps … every step of the way. We were incredibly lucky to have been supported by Dr Sahakian and the team at PFCLA, who were far more pro-active than our previous (and in theory prestigious) clinic.
Dr Sahakian head of PFC is truly a professional in ivf .! we had a direct contact with him and we are so happy that John -head of Circle .S. connected us with PFC.!
My donor and her family and my surrogate and her family were looked after with the best care and attention at all times.
Dr. Sahakian and his staff were wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better, more joyous, more successful journey!
We hadden een slechte ervaring met de clinic in New York (Hrm) Daarna in LA wisten we beter wat er ons te wachten stond en zijn we heel goed geholpen. Inderdaad dokter Shakian is een druk bezet man en de telfoongespreken waren kort maar efficient
If we chose this clinic, it's because Dr Sahakian spoke french, for us it was easy, this clinic had a very good classification between a lot clinic in USA. The staff was very nice and professional, communicate with them was very easy and fast, we really appreciate it.

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 62.5%
Two 20.0%
Three 12.5%
Four 5.0%
  Totals 40
Total Responses 40
Average 1.6

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 76.3%
Egg donation - fresh / shared (you received only part of the eggs your donor provided) 2.6%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 2.6%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 18.4%
Total Responses 38

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 31.6%
Known 63.2%
Other 5.3%
  Totals 38
Total Responses 38
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 42
Semi-anonymous 1
אנונימית, הביעה הסכמה לפגוש את הילדים כשיהיו בגירים. 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 5.0%
Family or friend 5.0%
Surrogacy agency 55.0%
Independent Egg donation agency 32.5%
Fertility clinic 2.5%
  Totals 40
Total Responses 40

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 86.8%
Straight 13.2%
  Totals 38
Total Responses 38


Value Percent   Count
United States 46.5%
United Kingdom 9.3%
Australia 7.0%
France 7.0%
Spain 7.0%
Canada 4.7%
Norway 4.7%
Switzerland 2.3%
Japan 2.3%
Denmark 2.3%
Germany 2.3%
Israel 2.3%
Portugal 2.3%
  Totals 43
Total Responses 43