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Creative Family Connections - provider profile and satisfaction report

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Locations: Chevy Chase, MD, USA
Contact: Diane Hinson OR Leigh Pounds
Email: dhinson@creativefamilyconnections.com OR leigh@creativefamilyconnections.com
Phone: 240-235-6006

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Year founded: 2001
Employees: 12


About Creative Family Connections:*

Creative Family Connections LLC (CFC) is a boutique law firm in the Washington DC area focusing exclusively on Reproductive Rights and Reproduction Law.  We assist prospective parents with family building through collaborative reproduction via gestational surrogacy and gamete and embryo donation.  We perform all necessary legal work, match parents to gestational surrogates, and support everyone throughout the process.  We take care of the details so that you can enjoy the journey! CFC ‘s founding principle was that “everyone can build a family" and we remain passionate in this belief.  We have obtained landmark rulings for our LGBT parents, who comprise half our clients.  We work with HRC and Family Equality Council on legislative and policy issues affecting the LGBT community.  Prospective parents come from around the world to obtain our compassionate support and creative legal expertise. CFC is proud to provide pro bono and discounted services to support the mission of GPAP.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Count: 83
Not Applicable: 0

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 85
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Count: 84
Not Applicable: 0
Surrogate screening and matching
Count: 85
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 62
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 49
Not Applicable: 0

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 97.7%
No 2.4%
Total Responses 85
Average 1.0

Agency reviews and comments

(2007, USA parents) Diane Hinson is a saint.
(2007, USA parents) Diane and her team were simply incredible during our long and difficult journey. They saw us through three different surrogates, 7 IVF transfers, the birth and death of our twins and the birth of our son. At every step along the way they guided us, protected us and our egg donor and surrogates and were knowledgable about all the legal ramifications of the many states where we lived and our surrogates and egg donor lived (TX, MD, GA, DC, MA and VA). They not only help us find our surrogates and egg donor but they also supported us through the ups and downs of the process, always helping us make tough decisions and giving us advice when we did not know what to do next. I can unequivocally recommend them to any gay couple considering surrogacy with the promise that they will always stand by you and will deliver the best service, advice and legal expertise available. In the end they will feel more like friends and family than anything else and I guess that is because they truly care about the people they help.
(2007, USA parents) We simply had the BEST firm/agency! Creative Family Connections is now part of our family...we will forever be grateful for their part in our journey. We are reminded everyday with our beautiful daughter.
(2008, USA parents) CFC was very thoughtful and had our best concerns in mind. Everything was seamless (as much as can be in surrogacy). We would highly recommend them.
(2009, International parents) Muy profesionales
(2009, USA parents) CFC has simply been a blessing beyond blessings for our family. This journey is complex, complicated, and, at times, difficult to maneuver through, but CFC literally held our hands every step of the way. Our experience has been nothing but positive!
(2009, USA parents) Diane is wonderful, caring and supportive! Couldn't recommend her any higher!
(2009, USA parents) From start to finish they were extremely professional and personal at the same time. All of the staff are very supportive of same sex couples and knowledgeable about issues that affect same sex couples having families. In terms of cost comparisons which is an issue for most people going through this process, we felt they made an effort to keep costs as low as possible and didn't pressure us in any way. They offered us a number of options to help reduce the costs such as doing a lot of the logistical work of handling schedules, airfare, transporting surrogate to the clinic ourselves, etc. Of course they offer the Cadillac service as well if you don't have the time to do these things or don't feel comfortable but we were really appreciative that CFC helped us control costs as much as we could. I can't say enough how truly thankful we were to find CFC.
(2010, USA parents) Creative Family Connections was Fantastic! Linda and Diane are a great team. My wife and I were pretty beaten up by 5 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. CFC literally performed a miracle for us! We are forever grateful for their help in bringing our twins into this world.
(2010, USA parents) Very difficult process with limited to no help from the agency. We will never use them again.
(2010, USA parents) We worked with Creative Family Connections during 2 surrogacy cycles that resulted in the birth of our eldest daughter and twins, respectively. CFC was supportive, gave great advice, and held our hands throughout. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
(2011, USA parents) Very helpful, found great surrogate, there every step of the way. Everything was very easy
(2011, USA parents) We had five failed IVF's and a disrupted domestic adoption.We were ready to give up on ever having children. That's when my wifes girlfriend recommended Creative Family Connections. They were amazing! It's not often that a service like this exceeds your expectations. Well they did and they made it personal! We felt from dayone they were in this with us all the way. Compassionate, professional and a "no lose" attitude helped us get through this jouney.
(2012, USA parents) Absolutely fantastic people to deal with. Caring, friendly, understanding...and they seem to have an intuition into your thoughts and feelings. I can't say enough good about them.
(2012, USA parents) Creative family connections was FANTASTIC through the whole journey. Highly recommended.
(2012, USA parents) The team of Creative Family Connections was extremely professional and always very friendly and supportive from the beginning to the end of the process. Our questions were always responded quickly, and we felt really supported all the way. The team of Creative Family Connections always was one step ahead of any issue we could meet. We highly recommend Creative Family Connections to any parent who want to start a family through surrogacy.
(2012, USA parents) We looked for nearly two years and this agency was the most approachable, accurate in their description and made an amazing match for our experience.
(2013, International parents) Bonne équipe, reactive, rassurante, professionnelle et humaine. Contexte familial et amical favorisant l'aboutissement du projet et facilitant le partage avec la mère porteuse. Le plus serait d'avoir des interlocuteurs parlant des langues etrangères surtout pour les termes juridiques, pour plus de confort et de confiance pour les etrangers qui se sentent parfois un peu perdus, ceci peut expliquer une certaine méfiance.
(2013, International parents) Creative Family Connections changed our life with the birth of our son this summer, Diane and all the CFC team were great from the beginning to the end, they were all the way very supportive and positive, and always have the right solutions for us when we had sometimes technical issues or doubts. We had the feeling during all the process of a a very professional team with a strong technical support, but also this is a very friendly and supportive team that gave us all the energy that we needed until the birth ! We definitly will do the process again with them for our next child !
(2013, International parents) הסוכנות מאוד טובה בחלק המשפטי אך גרועה מאוד בחלק של ניהול הכספים
(2014, International parents) We found CFC to be completely wonderful - perfect combination of professionalism/legal know-how with a caring, warm personal service. They honestly couldn't have been better.
(2015, USA parents) CFC did any amazing job matching us with our wonderful surrogate and supporting us through the process. They really helped each step of the journey; an invaluable source utilizing their expertise to prepare us every step of the way. Jen was always accessible and always ready to act as sounding board whenever we had questions. Truly felt that our success was of the utmost importance to them and that they were an integral part of the journey.
(2015, USA parents) CFC was great to work with - Diane and Jen (the legal team) and Melissa (our social worker) were awesome. They were extremely knowledgeable about the surrogacy process, gave great advice (especially in dealing with the constant calls, emails, and texts from our surrogate), and were there with us every step of the way, including weekends and holidays. Even though we were the test case in Alabama (where our surrogate lived), they were on the ball; they secured highly-qualified lawyers, set up an initial conference call to talk and walk us through the legal situation in the state, and were in constant contact with the legal team in the state, especially since our pregnancy was occurring during the same-sex marriage case. We can not say enough good things about their work in helping to expand our family. If there any improvements that we would recommend, it would be to improve the communication during the surrogacy match process. At times, we would receive monthly reports of the number of surrogates that were in our pool with no explanation of what the number meant. Then, the number would go up and down dramatically without any explanation over a 6 month time period. Our surrogate said that she actually applied to CFC a week or so before we were matched. The matching process seemed a mess at times and lacked any transparency.
(2015, USA parents) CFC was the best! From our first meeting we felt like family. They took such good care of us and helped us in every facet of our journey.
(2015, USA parents) Creative family connection was an amazing partner during our journey to parenthood. From finding the perfect surrogate, helping us fined us the right fertility clinic, to ensuring that our needs and desires were met- Creative family connection was there every step of the way. A couple of areas where we found them to be extraordinarily helpful was in the management of a complicated health insurance environment that ultimately saved us money on the birth of our child. Additionally, they were incredible during the time when we had to repeat IVF cycles. At times they were more than just an agency, they were consultants, therapist and friends. We are forever grateful for their partnership and patiance with us throughout this journey. We recommend this agency to anyone looking to find high caliber set of lawyers who are also very talented at finding the perfect gestational carrier
(2015, USA parents) We could not be more happy with CFC's services. Our experience has been excellent from the beginning of our journey through the end. We especially appreciated the owner's involvement in our case. They identified the perfect surrogate for us! We highly recommend CFC and hope to use them in the future should we decide to expand our family.
(2015, USA parents) We loved working with everyone at Creative Family Connections. Friends of ours had used them and recommended them to us. Diane is the most knowledgeable person out there about surrogacy, and she has chosen her team incredibly well. They enthusiastically embraced us not just as clients but as friends, and they demonstrated their care constantly, especially when our surrogate had to deliver early (for reasons not at all due to the unique nature of the pregnancy). Diane, Jen, and Michelle were on top of everything at a moment's notice so that we could concentrate on the well-being of our newborn and our surrogate. We were particularly impressed with how much time and attention they gave to our surrogate and her family, which helped us become closer to them -- a bond that is still strong 16 months after the birth of our amazing baby daughter, who is thriving. The team at CFC also holds periodic "family reunions" for their current and former clients, many of whom are gay couples. We couldn't recommend CFC more highly.
(2016, International parents) Creative Family Connections guided us through the journey as first time intended parents. They were extremely flexible and organized considering that we live in Asia. I cannot recommend them more highly.
(2016, USA parents) CFC made us feel like we were their only clients ! Obviously they have many clients but we honestly felt like we were the most important people to our case manager and the managing director of the company the whole time. We could not have asked for a more supportive company.
(2016, USA parents) CFC were exceptional - they were amazing to work with and became part of the family. Cannot even begin to ay how happy we were with their service.
(2016, USA parents) CFC was an outstanding Surrogacy Agency. The CFC staff was very diligent, thorough, understanding, caring and compassionate throughout our entire journey. CFC carefully selected our surrogate who proved to be the best fit. (She is an absolutely amazing person who has become part of our extended family). Overall, we, as intended parents, highly recommend CFC. We could not be happier with their service and professionalism. We are forever grateful to Diane Hinson and her staff.
(2017, International parents) CFC is a great agency. Diane and her team are so amazing. They did such an excellent job. They were always kind, efficient, providing clear advices to guide us all through the journey. All aspects are well covered and explained. The team was very avalaible and responsive. They permit us to match with the most perfect surrogate we could meet. And most of all to make our dream comes true and built a great relationship with people who are now full part of our family! Thanks to Duane, Robin, Ruth, Melissa and Lauren who take so wonderful care of us! They're amazing!
(2017, International parents) J'ai eu la chance d'être accompagné au début de mon aventure par une personne très à l'écoute et très réactive. J'ai eu un conseil juridique efficient également au début. Bien sur tout n'a pas été parfait et je regrette de ne pas avoir été suivi tout au long de mon aventure par l'équipe initiale mais je suis ravi d'être allé au bout malgré tous les obstacles
(2017, USA parents) CTC is great! They were very professional and at the same time, they make you feel like family!
(2017, USA parents) Creative Family Connections were great! I had two failed attempts and they were supportive and helpful every step of the way! And once I had a successful pregnancy they were very attentive to detail and I felt very well supported.
(2017, USA parents) We had an excellent experience with Creative Family Connections and would absolutely recommend them to others. They matched us with a fabulous surrogate and our adorable baby boy just turned three months old!
(2017, USA parents) We recommend Creative Family Connections with the utmost confidence. By nature, the surrogacy journey is a complex one; the staff of CFC literally guided us through each phase of the process from start to finish. Everyone we worked with treated us with the utmost respect, professionalism, empathy and undestanding. The personal care we were given was like no other; everyone in this boutique-style agency from the principal, to our case manager, to the support staff, knew our case thoroughly. We were so fortunate to have their encouragment, expertise and support. As a result of the team-oriented approach, we were well known throughout the agency. By no means were we ever just a "number" or a "case file." Phone calls and e-mails were always returned promptly -often within a few hours! CFC had a vested, personal interest in our journey! Our surrogate was chosen with great care for us - we continue to remain lifelong "family." I can truly say our beautiful daughter would not be here today if it were not for CFC!
(2018, International parents) We signed up with CFC at the recommendation of a friend. They are not the cheapest, but their service has been amazing. Finding a GC took longer than we had hoped (but just within their original quoted time frame of 6-9 months) and she was an absolutely perfect fit for us. We feel very lucky to have had a GC that we have been able to really enjoy spending time with. As internationals, we are not so familiar with the ins and outs of the American healthcare/judicial/other systems and both CFC and our wonderful GC have helped us find our way. The only slight precaution has to do with pricing. When we were interviewing originally, CFC gave us a cost estimate that was not very realistic. With our super smooth and easy journey, we exceeded that original budget by about 40-50k USD.
(2018, International parents) We visited numerous agencies in USA but felt most comfortable with Creative Family Connections. They held our hand and walked us through the numerous steps in this journey to parenthood. The founder, Diane is extremely approachable and very kind. She is so understanding and helped sort out very complicated issues.
(2018, International parents) We would recommend CFC without hesitation. They provided a very personal hands-on service and we felt that the longer wait for a match was worth it because they were putting lots of care into selection process. Diane and her team were first-rate in every way.
(2018, USA parents) CFC was wonderful to work with. It was great to have someone so knowledgeable lead us through our journey. CFC was prepared for everything and made us feel very at ease during the process. I have already recommended them to friends.
(2019, International parents) As international intended parents we felt we would need the help of an agency and this was definitely the case. There are a number of moving parts to co-ordinate and the distance makes this more difficult. But Creative Family Connections made it all feel manageable and were invaluable in the creation of our daughter. Our case manager was extremely knowledgeable, proactive and above all a lovely person. We chose CFC as we liked their 'boutique' structure, that legal services are covered, that they appeared to provide very strong surrogate support and that they often find surrogates on the eastern side of the USA (logistically helpful as we live in the UK). All of these things were realised in practice as they identified an amazing surrogate, provided comprehensive management of the process, and great support for our surrogate who has been equally glowing in her praise for our case worker. CFC were friendly to deal with throughout - we didn't feel they were a large machine and had contact with a number of the team (all of whom were great), including the founder Diane. While we haven't used any other agencies and can't therefore provide a direct comparison we would happily recommend CFC to anyone thinking of surrogacy.
(2019, USA Parents) CFC did an amazing job taking us through the entire surrogacy journey which resulted in the birth of our beautiful baby girl. They were professional, knowledgeable, attentive and successful with every step of the journey. We cannot recommend their services any more highly!
(2019, USA Parents) We had a wonderful experience with Creative Family Connections and would eagerly recommend working with them. We felt completely supported through each step of our surrogacy journey and quickly developed great trust in our team at CFC. We are especially grateful to our social worker, Lauren S., who deftly navigated all aspects of the relationships involved and went above and beyond in making sure that everything went as smoothly as possible. CFC seemed prepared for every contingency and took on a great deal of the logistical burden so that we could focus on our relationship with our gestational carrier and then our new baby.
(2019, USA Parents) We spoke with several agencies, but after speaking with Diane, we knew Creative Family Connections (CFC) was for us. Diane was very thorough explaining the process. We liked that CFC was our agency and our attorneys. One less person in the mix. When we were matched with our surrogate, it was a perfect match. They stated it would take 6-9 months to find someone, while we were hoping it would be 6 months, our surrogate was such a perfect match, we would have waited 12 months! Honestly, we could not have asked for a better surrogate. They truly vet all surrogates (including home visits) which provides peace of mind, knowing the surrogate would be providing extreme babysitting services for 9 months! To us our surrogate is now part of our family, we didn't view this as just a financial transaction, we developed a long lasting friendship. Lauren was our Case Manager. I cannot say enough about Lauren. From our initial call, she demonstrated a warm, welcoming tone. You can just tell she is a genuine caring person, who loves helping others create families. During our journey we hit some bumps in the road (medical delays, including a first transfer that was not unsuccessful) and Lauren was always so reassuring during the tough times. She was completely empathic and supportive. She was also a wonderful resource to our surrogate before and after birth. In addition, Lauren kept on top of our fertility clinic and when our surrogates flight was canceled, Lauren was working the phones at 2 am and secured another flight!! I would highly recommend CFC. They are truly a top-notch agency. From the owner, to the case workers, to the lawyers, to the billing team every interaction was always positive.
(2019, USA parents) CFC provided full support and assistance every step of the way. They were always available and I recommend this agency to any single parent looking for a GC.
(2019, USA parents) My husband and I loved our surrogacy agency, CFC. They supported us through our entire journey every step of the way and we couldn't have done this without them. They were responsive, thoughtful, detailed, and professional. Our case manager was on top of all aspects of the process and made sure we were too, with care and patience. We trusted them with matching us to a surrogate and they came through in the best way providing us with the most amazing human being that fit us exactly. We're using them again for our sibling journey and have already recommended them to another couple who has started their process. Overall we couldn't be more satisfied and are holding our new baby with joy thanks to CFC and their whole team.
(2019, USA parents) The best part about this agency is the amazing/high quality surrogates. Worth the time and investment.
The agency was amazing, and kept in touch during the whole journey. The only minus is the time we waited on line to get surrogate match - about 9.5 month
We found CFC through this website and now, following the birth of our son, we are very happy to write a review recommending them highly. We had a very positive experience working with CFC. By far the greatest aspect of choosing CFC was the match they made for us. Our GC and her family share our values, interests, style of communication, even our sense of humor. There is surely an element of luck in how great our match was, but it is also clear that CFC takes the matching process very seriously and really listens to their clients as well as their potential surrogates in order to facilitate a good connection. CFC also provided excellent support and community for our GC, via our dedicated case worker and connecting her with an extended network of GCs working with the agency. Since we were across the country from our GC, it was great to know that she was so well supported by the agency. CFC was always extremely responsive to our questions and concerns, it is clear they have a deep bench of people who have been working in the area of surrogacy for a long time. Given the complexity and rollercoaster nature of being a gay male couple trying to have a baby, it was very reassuring to know we were in competent and experienced hands. If we decide to try for another kid, we will definitely work with them again!

Fertility clinic used

Value Percent   Count
VA Center for Reproductive Medicine 43.4%
CT Fertility 19.7%
Shady Grove 11.8%
Other 9.2%
San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) 4.0%
RMA CT 4.0%
Fertility Center of Las Vegas 2.6%
Fertility & Surgical Associates of California 1.3%
RMA NJ (also IVF NJ) 1.3%
New England Fertility 1.3%
ORM 1.3%
  Totals 76
Total Responses 76

Other clinic

1 CCRM Northern Virginia
1 Create Fertility
1 Dr. Muasher
1 Mausher Center
1 New Hope Fertility
1 VCRM Reston, VA

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Value Percent   Count
$50,000 - $69,000 2.4%
$70,000 - $89,000 8.5%
$90,000 - $109,000 13.4%
$110,000 - $129,000 23.2%
$130,000 - $149,000 12.2%
$150,000 - $169,000 18.3%
$170,000 - $189,000 14.6%
$190,000 - $209,000 7.3%
  Totals 82
Total Responses 82
Average 136.8

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 64.9%
Two 20.8%
Three 13.0%
Four 1.3%
  Totals 77
Total Responses 77
Average 1.5

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Value Percent   Count
10-12 months 4.8%
13-15 months 16.9%
16-18 months 20.5%
19-21 months 15.7%
22-24 months 20.5%
25-27 months 3.6%
28-30 months 8.4%
31-33 months 2.4%
34-36 months 1.2%
More than 3 years 6.0%
  Totals 83
Total Responses 83
Average 21.2

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 59.7%
Known 35.8%
Other 4.5%
  Totals 67
Total Responses 67
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 83
Anonyme sauf vis à vis de l enfant 1
Semi-Anonymous/We met her/she may meet our child/do not know her full identity 1
anonymous but agreeable to be contacted by child at age 18 if child desires 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 10.5%
Family or friend 4.0%
Surrogacy agency 21.1%
Independent Egg donation agency 11.8%
Fertility clinic 52.6%
  Totals 76
Total Responses 76

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 61.8%
Straight 38.2%
  Totals 76
Total Responses 76


Value Percent   Count
United States 76.5%
France 9.4%
United Kingdom 4.7%
Germany 3.5%
Spain 1.2%
Hong Kong 1.2%
Costa Rica 1.2%
Austria 1.2%
Israel 1.2%
  Totals 85
Total Responses 85