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Simple Surrogacy - provider profile and satisfaction report

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Locations: Dallas, TX, USA
Contact: Stephanie Scott OR Kristen Hanson
Email: Stephanie@simplesurrogacy.com OR Kristen@simplesurrogacy.com
Phone: 866-417-8776 OR 214-704-1125

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Year founded: 2002
Employees: 21


About Simple Surrogacy:*

Simple Surrogacy was founded in 2002 to assist couples and individuals in achieving a family through assisted reproduction. We were founded on one simple principle: to provide our clients with the highest standard of care at an affordable price. We are one of the largest surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the U.S., and are highly regarded in the surrogacy community for our expertise, support and professionalism. Simple Surrogacy has worked with many International Clients on their journey to becoming parents, using our personal attention to detail, prompt response and matching times, and affordable prices. Our counselors, coordinators and owners are all experienced in assisted reproduction, as former surrogates, Intended Parents or Egg Donors. It is our pleasure to offer our clients that insider’s expert knowledge at significantly reduced costs that enable many people to become Parents through Surrogacy.

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Surrogacy agency satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Agency score
Count: 100
Not Applicable: 0

Agency experience

  Agency rating
Effective (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 101
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive and supportive throughout journey
Count: 101
Not Applicable: 0
Surrogate screening and matching
Count: 101
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 84
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 52
Not Applicable: 0

Agency recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 94.1%
No 5.9%
Total Responses 101
Average 0.9

Agency reviews and comments

(2009, USA parents) The guidance and advice provided by Simple Surrogacy was invaluable and helped us reach our end goal which was to have a child!
(2009, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was very supportive during all the ups and downs of the surrogacy journey. They stuck with me when my first surrogate quit, found me another one, and ensured me they would not leave me until I had a baby in my hand. That is exactly what happened, though they haven't really left me. I still contact them with occasional questions that come up or when I need help and support. I highly recommend Simple Surrogacy.
(2009, USA parents) We had a great experience. I am blessed to have found this agency and we had the best surrogate ever. I was always kept up to date, got to go on all the dr visits and everything went very smoothly. I felt as if the agency really cared about our experience and I am the proud mom of twin boys!!!
(2010, USA parents) Excellent support from Simple Surrogacy; any journey is complicated, but after trying several other agencies we went with Simple because they were direct and clear, even when the information was not. They helped us become parents after 15 years of trying, and we will always be grateful.
(2011, International parents) Very friendly. We got a perfect Surrogate which help greatly when problem happened, as she could solve them. Found they need to know more about the international problems. Also we dealing with the clinic was very hard.
(2011, USA parents) Our surrogacy ended with the two healthiest and most beautiful babies we could have asked for. The surrogacy agency was great in nearly every respect. We did have a problem with our surrogate though. She mentioned to us that she preferred to have babies in a birthing center. We tried to compromise by allowing a midwife to deliver at a hospital. When she was confirmed with twins, everything she wanted went out the window, and she was automatically considered a high risk pregnancy. From that point forward we had a very rough pregnancy with her. We probably could have done a better job screening her, and she probably was not as honest at the beginning about how uncompromising she would be. But this was her first twin pregnancy, and she was not used to the extra hormones that come with a twin pregnancy. The agency did as much as I think they could have. The owner was going through some personal issues of her own, but overall, I don't think they could have done anything differently. At the end of the day, we ended up with perfect children. So we are extraordinarily grateful despite the challenges during the pregnancy.
(2011, USA parents) Our agency listened, worked with us through concerns, and celebrated with us when our baby arrived. They reviewed any missteps and adjusted their program accordingly. They learn from every journey to make the next an even better one.
(2011, USA parents) Stephine has a lot of experience and was very helpful during the whole process.
(2011, USA parents) We are forever grateful for the help we received from Simple. When we first started looking into ways to complete our family, we were very nervous about surrogacy as we did not know anyone personally who had gone through it. Simple really educated us on our options, did not try to sell us and gave us the contact information for many parents that have been through their program. We were able to talk to those who had already experienced what we were venturing into. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to get first hand experiences. We are forever grateful. Our daughter is the light of our life. We had a great experience and have sent several friends to Simple since the birth of our daughter.
(2012, USA parents) The agency gave us all the information we needed to help guide us thru our surrogacy journey! Thanks to Kristen and Stephanie at Simple Surrogacy, we recently had our sweet baby boy!
(2012, USA parents) Stephanie is very personable and committed to helping childless people become parents. She is authentically supportive during difficult times and will stick with you until you are successful in your surrogacy journey.
(2012, USA parents) I had two cycles using simple surrogacy. The first cycle ended in miscarriage after 8 weeks. The second one resulted in the birth of my son. He was born at 26 weeks for unknown reasons. Simple Surrogacy was amazing during this difficult time. Stephanie, the director flew in to assist me. They handled all the legal issues and helped so much. When all this happened unexpectedly I could not have handled it all alone. They were exceptional and really went far beyond anything I could ever have expected. I would recommend them to anyone.
(2012, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was great. They were super knowledgable and really made the journey smooth. The baby came very early and I was very far away. They handled everything and allowed me to focus on the baby.
(2012, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was very helpful and supportive, from the beginning when we were just starting to consider surrogacy, until after the birth of our babies. They did an excellent job matching us with a surrogate who not only had a very healthy pregnancy and delivered our healthy twins, but who is also very compatible with our family. We have a wonderful relationship with our surrogate and expect to be life-long friends, which was what we were looking for in a match. Now that my husband and I have had children through surrogacy, I can't imagine having done it without an agency. Not having to discuss finances with our surrogate helped to strengthen our relationship with her, and it was helpful to have the agency to resolve any minor issues for us along the way. If we have children in the future, we will definitely return to Simple Surrogacy.
(2012, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was very supportive and worked hard to ensure a successful surrogacy journey. I would highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again.
(2013, USA parents) Overall a very positive experience. There were times during the beginning of our journey where we would have liked to see more responsiveness to our requests and more proactively reaching out to help guide us through the steps, but we were told that the agency became very busy during our journey and added more staff shortly before our delivery. At the end of the day, they matched us with a fabulous surrogate and did everything they promised. We met with other agencies prior to choosing Simple and we definitely feel like we made the best choice.
(2013, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy has the best egg donor database by far. They were very good, but often required fairly strong prodding to keep the process moving along and to keep us informed as IP's.
(2013, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was very pleasant to work with in the realization of our dreams to have a family. Stephanie and Kristen, the co-owners, were our main points of contact and they were a pleasure.
(2013, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was wonderful. I will use them again!
(2013, USA parents) We were happy with the final result but Stephanie at Simple Surrogacy (owner) is very unprofessional. She did not respond to our emails and did not have good communication.
(2013, USA parents) We were thrilled to use this agency for a second journey. The process was even better the second time around.
(2014, International parents) Ecoute, attention, aide, accompagnement, sympathie, clarté, bons conseils: tout ce que nous avons eu grace à Simple Surrogacy. Ce fut un parcours sans faute
(2014, International parents) In the initial stages the agency was very helpful but the further along you go the less involved they become. You will need to stay on top of them. That said they were all friendly and helpful and were always professional. Look out for the third party insurance though, it is more about commission than providing for genuine needs.
(2014, International parents) This is a good value agency, with some friendly and approachable staff - particularly the person who is in charge of legals and financials. My main gripe was that in order to get you to sign up they promise more than they expect to deliver - we were told a surrogate would be found within 3 weeks when it usually takes at least 3 months. Trust is so important when undergoing a surrogacy journey and I feel the agency really lets itself down when it does this. I They are also clearly short of surrogates and so don't screen all that carefully which means you need to be on the look out. Otherwise I recommend it.
(2014, USA parents) I think being in Texas is one of the biggest advantages this agency has. The people in the agency know what they are doing. But the surrogacy business is booming, and I feel that it has become less personal over time as a result.
(2014, USA parents) I think it is important for intended parents to understand the role of the surrogacy agency. It is to match you with a surrogate/egg donor...the ultimate journey you have, is really up to you and your surrogate...the agency is not the one to make the relationship for you and I think it is important to point that out.
(2014, USA parents) Simple was supportive and educated us about the process and what to expect the whole way.
(2014, USA parents) The agency is strong in sourcing surrogates and providing escrow services. I also highly recommend purchasing their legal services to ensure the transaction is protected for all involved. They are POOR on communicating ongoing, the team is not consistent in their responses and they claim to provide an assessment of surrogat
(2014, USA parents) The journey as been amazing, emotional, and great! I was glad to have Simple Surrogacy there to guild me and offer support. Becoming a father has been one of the best experiences of my life. I would do it all over again in a heart beat and possible will!
(2014, USA parents) Was smoother than the big agency we previously used
(2014, USA parents) We are so blessed to have gone through this journey with simple surrogacy. They were wonderful, really matched us with right person. It was one of the best things we have ever done and we have the most perfect baby girl.
(2014, USA parents) We were matched with an amazing surrogate, so we will always appreciate that. Stephanie was very snippy and short once we paid the agency fee. Emails would go unreturned. There was misinformation provided to us on several occasions. We were supposed to have a coordinator check in with us and we heard from her 2x over the course of 36 weeks. Our surrogate also stated that her support coordinator seldom contacted her.
(2015, International parents) Our Surrogacy agency was very capable and very gay-friendly. The process at the start was very clear step by step and the process of identifying a surrogate mother and egg donor very fast and with a lot of human interest. Good reco for IVF clinic and lawyer, although lawyer was relatively expensive. No problems wrt international couples, except that we knew very late that we had to appear in person before the judge in court before the delivery of the baby.
(2015, International parents) Simple Surrogacy is the best, They are very professional.They make you feel nice ,and They are very thoughtful.I have worked with them three times. I only choose them.
(2015, International parents) Simple were amazing for us. The journey was quick - 13 months and very successful. We had no major hiccups along the route. Stephanie and Kristen were always at the end of the phone if we had technical questions. Jennifer was excellent keeping us informed. The distance, we are in the UK, really didn't effect our relationship with our surrogate. Would highly recommend simple on every level. Thank you for helping making our family. 😀😀
(2015, USA parents) Quite simply, Simple Surrogacy's supportive and caring approach is the reason we have a baby daughter today. We went through some very trying times during our initial journey - losing our twin boys at 19 and 20 weeks gestation. During all of that time, Simple Surrogacy was not only compassionate, but after quite a bit of grieving, they actively helped us restart our journey by facilitating new relationships with clinics and organizations that were also sympathetic to our challenges and loss. Each step of our journey, the team at Simple Surrogacy would check in with us to make sure we were doing well and to make sure we were getting any questions answered. They are AWESOME!!!
(2015, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy is good when things are fine and going well. It's crisis management where they failed miserably at. It's a two person show, hence they are understaffed-- they lack the communication skills, the compassion and the professionalism one would expect from this industry. Admittedly, they paired us with an amazing surrogate in a very short few months.
(2015, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy only gave us one GS profile at a time. Our IVF clinic denied one and Simple blamed us, when in fact the candidate was not truthful. Another surrogate was found to be untruthful and on another agency site. Simple did manage to release her from us. Overall, their matching of potential surrogates was stressful and there was major lack of communication. Simple also did not acknowledge our donor's needs but were focused only on their failed candidate's needs. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RESPONSE FROM SIMPLE SURROGACY: Simple Surrogacy, like most other agencies, only sends Intended Parents one profile at a time for many reasons. The first is that due to the increased demand in surrogates, there are usually not two surrogates who have indicated their interest in matching with you at the same time. Surrogates typically match quickly with Parents once approved. Once a surrogate indicates her preference to match with an Intended Parent based on their Parent profile, the Parent is then sent her profile. We prefer the Intended Parents carefully consider each profile they are sent as a stand-alone individual, and not compare profile to each other as they are all individual women. If a profile is not to the Parent's liking, then the parent can easily pass and will then wait until another surrogate likes the Parent's profile. We are sorry you felt that was not clearly communicated to you as we strive for communication with all parties and provide a personal coordinator to both the Parents and Surrogate, with 24/7 access as well as offering cell phone access to both of our owners.
(2016, International parents) Simple Surrogacy found us a great surrogate after only few weeks. They were very nice and reachable through the journey.
(2016, International parents) We found Simple Surrogacy to be excellent, in terms of professionalism, knowledge, speed and efficiency. The process moved quickly and Simple helped us find a wonderful surrogate and we met together via skype initially and then in person. All logistics and legal matters were professionally handled. We had already selected our IVF doctor and they were happy to accommodate us. As international parents, communication was very important and Simple were very good, in particular at the start, and perhaps less good later on, but probably because we already knew what we were doing, and our surrogate kept in regular contact. Again, as international parents, insurance was a big concern and here we felt somewhat unsupported by Simple - it is not a trivial matter - but fortunately found a great insurance broker, and Simple again helped us navigate the options. Kristen was throughout the process very reliable and responsive. In short, we would not hesitate in recommending Simple Surrogacy.
(2016, USA parents) Overall, we highly recommend Simple Surrogacy if "simple" appeals to your needs. Couldn't be a lovelier group of people to work with -- they are so supportive and genuinely enthusiastic to help you become parents. But, "simple" is truth in advertising. We were matched perfectly with a surrogate, but there were parts of the journey -- mainly dealing with budgeting -- that we feel they could have provided more useful information from their experience. This is hindsight, of course.
(2016, USA parents) This was our second journey, and it was even smoother and easier than the first!
(2017, International parents) Agency very good, very responsive. We starting sibling journey with surrogate Colleen again now. Hiring same surrogacy Agency directly without coordinator form China now i can learn English.
(2017, International parents) Je suis reconnaissant à Simple Surrogacy mais en même temps j'ai eu des difficultés à plusieurs égards. L'accueil a été parfois peu chaleureux, les réponses à mes questions étaient brèves et à plusieurs moments j'ai eu la sensation d'être perdu dans les procédures. Pas assez de clarté par rapport aux frais et de patience par rapport à mes questions Lorsque ma fille est née l'agence n'avait pas contacté l'hôpital pour négocier les frais. Cela a crée pas mal de stress. D'un côté je leur suis réconnaissant de l'autre côté je regrette un peu les difficultés rencontrées.
(2017, International parents) Simple surrogacy might not be the most efficient company and sometimes lacking a bit of professionalism, however it is compensated with good heart and good intentions and care for surrogates and people involved (which in this business is rare and unique).
(2017, International parents) Stephanie at Simple Surrogacy promised me a surrogate within two months during our initial skype orientation and she delivered. This agency goes above and beyond what is expected to provide both their surrogates and intended parents with the best possible journey. Stephanie and Kristen both supported me when I had issues with my fertility clinic which is pending lawsuit. They were resourceful in referring me to excellent legal advice both in the US and Spain. During my journey I have witnessed their reorganization of the agency to improve communications with intended parents, operating systems etc. I was referred to them by Dr. Doyle, former Medical Director of CT Fertility and I am glad I chose them as my agency. Although no surrogacy journey is perfect, I would definitely consider them again in future for my second child in a few years.
(2017, International parents) We were very happy with the service provided by Simple Surrogacy overall. Our surrogacy coordinator was extremely helpful throughout the journey and very responsive. The finance and escrow manager was also very competent. We felt that more should be done to accommodate International parents, particularly after the birth to make sure health insurance, application for the birth certificate and the US passport are well explained and covered in advance of the birth.
(2017, USA parents) Excellent communication and support! We had a dedicated coordinator and also bonded with our surrogate's coordinator.
(2017, USA parents) It was a real pleasure working with the wonderful women of Simple Surrogacy. They were always there to answer our questions, and was great throughout the entire process. This is a huge investment, and nothing is ever certain, and if you mentally prepare yourself for every possible outcome, be patient and have faith (prayers doesn't hurt), thing will work in your favor. I would recommend SS, I think they know all the details involved in the process, and can guide you through the process step by step.
(2017, USA parents) My husband and I had a great journey with Simple. We were extremely happy with the egg donor selection process, and we found a wonderful surrogate after just a couple weeks of searching. One caveat for our experience - Simple did have some employee changes during our process. The communication at the beginning of our journey left a lot to be desired, though we were happy with the results. After we were assigned a new coordinator, communication became much better. We formed a good relationship with our coordinator, and she was extremely helpful the day of delivery dealing with confused hospital staff and social workers. We would recommend Simple, and will most likely use them for our next journey.
(2017, USA parents) The most important part of the journey is to find a surrugate that is a good fit. The agency did a great job finding the right person for us. We met her once and made the decion on the spot. She was great and we eill be forever greatful.
(2017, USA parents) We had a positive and successful experience with Simple Surrogacy. They found a wonderful Gestational Carrier and the agency did a great job.
(2017, USA parents) We highly recommend Simple Surrogacy. From the start of our journey, Simple Surrogacy guided us through the process each step of the way. From managing our Escrow to the weekly challenges of coordinating each step, all of the staff at Simple Surrogacy was friendly and responsive to our concerns and needs. Responsive and direct communication was important as we were several states and time zones away from their office in Dallas.
(2017, USA parents) We really enjoyed working with Simple. They did a meet and greet dinner in NYC for all their parents and IPs, where we met a lot of other couples who had similar experiences. Throughout our journey our coordinator checked in with us through email and answered any questions we had. They even went out of their way to help loan us a pack-n-play and two car seats for our hotel stay in Texas. While we were there, Danielle met up with us a few times to check in with us at the hospital and then visited with our babies. It felt like a very personal touch and we appreciated it.
(2017, USA parents) We we're extremely happy with Simple Surrogacy. From the agency owners, to our coordinator, everyone was helpful, responsive to questions and concerns, and most importantly caring. They had great options for surrogates. We matched with our surrogate within 3 months of working with them.
(2017, USA parents) We were lucky enough to have Simple Surrogacy guide us through this journey! They were really knowledgeable, understanding, and always ready to answer our hundreds of questions! We had a bumpy start at first, the company was going through some growing pains and your first coordinator left the business. But the owner called us personally and explained what was happening- she introduced us to our new coordinator Jill- she is the BEST! We are just so pleased with the level of care we received from Jill and the Simple Surrogacy team! I would certainly recommend them to our friends! Thomas & Michael Miller
(2018 , USA Parents) No Complaints- everything was done very well, and quickly. Good job by all.
(2018, International parents) Because these trips were so pleasant, we couldn't stop having babies. In this process, Simple Surrogacy has sent us numerous emails, it has a team serving us, they care about the growth of children and the problems we will encounter in the process. Jill was in charge of our customer service. Jill is a master. She was a surrogate 4 times. She is very careful and considerate. Every time we receive her e-mail, it warms our hearts. Even if nothing happens this month, she emails us and asks us what we need. Simple Surrogacy's entire service process is almost 24-7, and whenever I have an email to ask them, they will respond quickly.
(2018, International parents) Kristen, Stephanie and our coordinators were always there when we needed them. We love Simple.
(2018, International parents) Stephanie and Kristen and Jill are so amazing. I can't believe I am watching my son sleep in their offices as I type this. I already can't wait to begin the process again as it was such a rewarding journey.
(2018, International parents) We love Simple Surrogacy. Kristen, Stephanie and our Coordinators always there to help us!
(2018, USA Parents) We have beautiful twins from this process and the help of Simple Surrogacy. We couldn't have asked for a better experience!
(2018, USA parents) As an older, single man having his first child, I faced some unique challenges, one being that it took a while to find the right surrogate. But the agency believed in me, and closely guided me throughout my journey. The owners and staff worked very hard to assure that the entire complex process from egg donation to birth went smoothly. They know their business and are very serious about getting it right. I am now the proud and joyful father of a beautiful 9 month old girl. I am very grateful to Simple Surrogacy and highly recommend them to others.
(2018, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy is very good at what they do. We were matched with a surrogate very fast, and got to interview three surrogates before we found the perfect one for us. It was worth waiting for the right match. Stephanie is very good at her job and they will tell it to you straight. We had a few medical issues with the pregnancy, and they walked us through what our options were and helped us get second opinions. I trusted them to send us to the right providers.
(2018, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was Awesome! We signed with them and were sent a profile of a potential surrogate within a week. We passed on the first profile, a couple weeks later we received a profile of a surrogate that met our exact description in a surrogate to the T. We wanted someone in the medical profession, we were matched with an experienced surrogate who is a nurse for a fertility clinic. We couldn't of asked for a better surrogate. She was truly awesome! Stephanie from Simple was very attentive to our needs, and was very supportive during our ectopic in our first cycle. When we needed support, she was there. We also used Simple for escrow management and we had no issues at all. We signed with Simple due to their pool of Surrogates, we wanted a fast match and knew that them being in Texas, where there are many surrogates, they would deliver quickly, they sure did. Simple has been around for many years and has tons of experience in Surrogacy, our ultimate decision was more a of gut feel when we met them, and are very happy it all resulted in two healthy full term twins!
(2018, USA parents) Simple Surrogacy was the perfect partner for my journey and everything happened really fast. The first profile they sent to me was a perfect match for my needs, and she quickly became pregnant with Twins. Honestly I was a little overwhelmed and not sure how I was going to handle it all, but Jill's support and check ins was what really made me realize I was going to be fine. It's 4 months later and the boys are thriving and Jill still checks in on me to see if I need anything. They are very supportive and real women and really understand feelings and how to get the job done right.
(2018, USA parents) We could not have been happier with, or more grateful for, the services provided by Simple Surrogacy. They accompanied us in every step of the way: helping to manage the financial aspects of the journey, matching us with a terrific surrogate in less than 2 months, interacting with other providers (clinic, lawyers), providing support whenever difficulties arose (our pregnancy was medically complicated), and helping us prepare for the actual birth. Our coordinator, Jill, was highly attentive and supportive; and Kristen, the director of finance at Simple, has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the surrogacy process and apparently infinite patience. Our surrogate also reported that had lots of support from her coordinator, Morgan, and via Simple's social media groups for surrogates. The team at Simple is highly responsive and patient - we had a large number of questions throughout the journey, and they were always speedily answered. On the rare occasions when they didn't know the answer to our questions, they always pointed us in the right direction. We wholeheartedly recommend Simple to any prospective IPs, and will definitely retain their services again for any future journey.
(2018, USA parents) We loved that Simple was close to our surrogate, clinic, and Egg Donor. This was one thing we could control and it helped us out a lot to do it all in TX.
(2018, USA parents) We were extremely satisfied with Simple Surrogacy in every respect. While there are many positives we could comment on, perhaps the most telling is that they were incredibly responsive and effective in working with us to address any issues that arose. Issues inevitably arise w/ surrogacy and prior agencies and service providers we've worked with tended to deny accountability and avoid, rather than address, problems that arose. So we really appreciated Simple's action-oriented approach. They are also highly effective in recruiting amazing surrogates, they have a great network in place for this.
(2019, International parents) Everyone was so wonderful and helpful. Our coordinator was always responsive, even if it was after hours. The matched us with a great surrogate and egg donor.
(2019, USA Parents) It's hard to pick a favorite part of our journey. How quickly we were matched with Amanda our fabulous surrogate, Jill's expert assistance and coordination, or all of the experts and help that Simple brought to our journey. Though our family was luckily completed the first try, I would not hesitate to use them again if we wanted more!
(2019, USA Parents) We had no issues and were very happy with the agency as a whole. Staff was very responsive and was always there when we needed them.
(2019, USA Parents) We have used Simple Surrogacy three times now, and every time has been exceptional. They have been like family to us and we love them very much.
(2019, USA parents) Simple is very kind caring and attentive to all needs. My sister was our egg donor, and Simple helped us coordinate her process even though they were not being paid for egg donation. They answered every question and are so fast to reply on emails. Kristen is on top of every financial details, and Jill is so kind and fast. Sometimes she would text back and reassure us of a question in minutes. They are devoted to what they do and their whole approach was to reassure us and guide us to having our baby.
(2019, USA parents) Simple was great. They saved us thousands over an other agency we priced in California and were very easy to communicate with.
(2019, USA parents) Stephanie is very helpful to my journey and very kind to me at the whole process. The money is well handled and the surrogate is kind and helpful to me with baby items. Everyone work together so very well to make my dreams of being a parent real. I recommend them they did a very good job for me and my new family.
(2020, USA parents) We could not be happier with Simple Surrogacy & Fertility Specialists of Texas. They helped make this journey smooth and incredible for us. We would not have known about them if it wasn't for MHB. Thank you for all you do.

Fertility clinic used

Value Percent   Count
Fort Worth Fertility 32.6%
Fertility Specialists of Texas / LGBT Fertility 20.2%
Other 9.0%
San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) 7.9%
Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE Fertility) 7.9%
Fertility Center of Las Vegas 7.9%
CT Fertility 5.6%
La Jolla IVF 4.5%
CA Fertility Partners 1.1%
RMA CT 1.1%
Boston IVF 1.1%
Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles (PFCLA) 1.1%
  Totals 89
Total Responses 89

Other clinic

1 CARE Texas
2 Capital Women's Care
1 Center for Reproductive Endocrinology
1 Fort Worth Fertility Clinic
1 Harris Hospital
1 Sher Institute
1 University Health Fertility Partners Ohio

Journey statistics for service provider

Overall cost of surrogacy journey

Value Percent   Count
$10,000-29,000 2.0%
$30,000 - $49,000 2.0%
$50,000 - $69,000 5.0%
$70,000 - $89,000 12.9%
$90,000 - $109,000 34.7%
$110,000 - $129,000 31.7%
$130,000 - $149,000 7.9%
$150,000 - $169,000 3.0%
$170,000 - $189,000 1.0%
  Totals 101
Total Responses 101
Average 104.8

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 62.2%
Two 29.6%
Three 4.1%
Four 2.0%
Six 1.0%
Ten or more 1.0%
  Totals 98
Total Responses 98
Average 1.6

Length of journey from signup to birth (months)

Value Percent   Count
9 months or less 3.0%
10-12 months 7.9%
13-15 months 26.7%
16-18 months 27.7%
19-21 months 15.8%
22-24 months 7.9%
25-27 months 4.0%
28-30 months 3.0%
31-33 months 3.0%
34-36 months 1.0%
  Totals 101
Total Responses 101
Average 17.8

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 46.1%
Known 47.4%
Other 6.6%
  Totals 76
Total Responses 76
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 96
Semi anonymous, she may be willing to meet the children. 2
We met her but she is not willing to meet child 1
friend 1
sister 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 17.4%
Family or friend 6.5%
Surrogacy agency 43.5%
Independent Egg donation agency 16.3%
Fertility clinic 16.3%
  Totals 92
Total Responses 92

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 64.5%
Straight 35.5%
  Totals 93
Total Responses 93


Value Percent   Count
United States 86.1%
United Kingdom 5.0%
Israel 3.0%
France 2.0%
Ireland 1.0%
Spain 1.0%
Mexico 1.0%
Belgium 1.0%
  Totals 101
Total Responses 101