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Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMACT) - provider profile and satisfaction report

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Locations: Norwalk, CT, USA
Contact: Dr. Mark Leondires OR Robin Mangieri
Email: info@gayparentstobe.com
Phone: 1-800-865-5431 OR 1-203-750-0400

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Year founded: 2002
Employees: 115


About Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMACT):*

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), patient care begins with a partnership between patients and an award-winning team of Board Certified reproductive endocrinologists. RMACT has offices in Norwalk, Danbury, Stamford and Trumbull, CT, and affiliate New York fertility clinics serving Putnam and Dutchess counties. For more than 10 years, RMACT’s Third Party Reproductive Program has included Donor Egg, Donor Sperm and Surrogacy programs. In 2012, RMACT expanded this to more-fully service the LGBT community through GayParentsToBe (www.gayparentstobe.com), an informational resource and link to gay parenting services. As part of RMACT, GayParentsToBe provides an established professional network and proven medical expertise. Our dedicated team includes Andrea Braverman, Ph.D. and Medical Director Dr. Mark P. Leondires, who married his partner in 2011 and is a father to a son through surrogacy. 

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 26
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 26
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 26
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 18
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 21
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 8
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 96.2%
No 3.9%
Total Responses 26
Average 1.0

Clinic reviews and comments

(2016, USA parents) Dr Leondires and his team were excellent!
(2019, USA Parents) Experts! Pregnant the first try!
(2019, USA parents) Great place for fertility. Trusted lab and good education.
They got the job done but their communication skills were fairly lacking on all fronts.
(2018, USA parents) Everyone was good at RMA-CT. In particular, Jamie Speer was amazing during the initial consultation and Dr. Leondires was incredible in the entire process. I felt I can really trust them.
(2018, International parents) Over het algemeen waren we zéér tevreden over de kliniek. Een enkel minpunt was voor ons dat we te laat ontdekte dat het ging om een anonieme eiceldonor terwijl wij van het tegenovergestelde waren uitgegaan.
(2018, USA parents) We had a very positive experience working with Dr. Hurwitz and his staff at RMA CT. He was careful to take my medical history into account during every egg retrieval cycle. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking to have a family.
(2019, USA Parents) Dr. Leondires is absolutely brilliant and extremely kind. From day one he made us feel welcome and comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in great detail. He truly takes the time to get to know his patients. We are forever grateful to Dr. Leondires for helping us achieve our dream of becoming dads. Likewise, his staff is phenomenal. They are wonderful people, who also made us feel so welcome. They responded to our questions promptly and in great detail. We always felt well-informed and our questions were addressed promptly. We are extremely grateful for the fact that although we are MHB GPAP stage 2 recipients that not once did we feel like we were treated differently from regularly paying clients. We cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Leondires and RMACT.
(2017, USA parents) Dr. Mark Leonderis, was very helpful and straightforward in guiding us through the process. He answered all of our questions and guided us through the process.
(2015, USA parents) Our experience RMA CT was really great. Our IVF Doctor is also a gay dad so we felt very comfortable talking through certain concerns with him. For example we thought about doing two embryo transfers vs one. After a consult where the Doctor provided some feedback on both options and offered some insight we had not considered, we decided to go with one embryo and are very happy with that decision. Everyone we dealt with was professional and helpful. We ended up using RMA CT for another surrogacy.
(2018, International parents) Dr. Leondires' counsel, patience and support throughout the process was exceptional.. it was precisely what we needed doing a very complex process from half a world away. He was extremely accommodating with scheduling calls when we needed, regardless of the time. His advice was always considered and measured; he made sure we understood the risks at every step of the process and made sure we understood everything, no matter how minor the questions might have been. His team was likewise responsive, professional, friendly and easy to work with. We couldn't have made it through the process without them. Truly, it was the best experience we could have imagined from end to end. Thorough and thoughtful.
(2019, USA Parents) I would recommend RMA with hesitation. Dr. Leondires was great and so was Jamie. Both are gay fathers that went through the process. This was very reassuring and made us feel comfortable. We (and our surrogate) had negative experiences with one of the nurses. Her tone and bedside manner were poor, she was not always responsive and didn't appear to be organized. Our first attempt was not successful and this nurse was not very empathetic when delivering the news and when I asked to speak to the doctor, she stated he was away and would call us in a few days. I immediately e-mail Dr. Leondires directly and he called us right away, even gave us his cell number for future use. Based on our initial experiences, we asked for another nurse. Nora, the manager was then assigned to our case. She was super responsive and always had a warm, welcoming tone. Communication improved and the journey continued.
(2017, USA parents) We are extremely happy with RMA-CT. The staff was respectful. Appointments times were made to accommodate my commute of about 2-3 hours. Doctor recommended a supplement to increase sperm count and improve quality of sperm which was needed in our case. We highly recommend RMA-CT .
(2019, USA Parents) We were sent to Dr. Mark Leondires by Frank Golden at Golden Surrogacy and it was a wonderful recommendation. My husband and I are grateful to this physician and his staff for accepting us into their clinic's program and for the success he has helped us achieve. We now have two healthy baby girls and could not be happier!
(2018, International parents) RMA-CT were excellent throughout - very responsive and supportive. We have already recommended them to friends.
(2018, USA parents) RMACT has been the worst services experience of our lives. While successfully becoming parents through RMACT, the experience and medical services were frighteningly inconsistent and frankly scary. Patient experience: RMACT treated us like a lemming disjointedly shuffled along without guidance or care. We felt our primary doctor to be disingenuous and lacking empathy. This was manifested through regular delivery of important news through unknown techs. In fact, our primary doctor never wished us congrats after successful transfer or made it to a single < 10wk ultrasound! This includes an unaccommodating Friday pm move of a Monday am appt. From the start problems existed - finance director and patient coordinator missed our team day, we received multiple wrong bills, and front of house generally acted like they didn't know us even after our 3rd visit. Later, lack of RMACT communication trapped us into paying rush lawyer fees for egg donor contracts because we weren't informed of donor's retrieval date until two days before! Finally, after almost scaring our surrogate out of twins, we asked for a follow-up conversation with our primary to feel informed…of course we were charged $30. Simply put, at RMACT we felt only like $ signs. RMACT was also slow with everything they do. Medical: We received wrong medical information twice - from patient coordinator (about someone unrelated to us) and from the embryo lab. This last experience culminated with us questioning the DNA of the embryo transferred into our surrogate and requesting paternity testing after birth. Other issues included: never receiving detailed results of additionally requested egg donor screening and consistent contradictory information between primary/psychologist/geneticist. Through our own 2nd surrogacy, we know there are clinics that provide higher quality of service and more compassion. We strongly recommend prospective parents to explore other clinics.
(2015, International parents) Clinic was excellent, recommended to us by Circle. The team was responsive and thorough. In terms of areas for improvement, at times the fertility clinic could have spent more time communicating progress and next steps to circle, so that all parties were on the same page. This is a minor point though!

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 69.2%
Two 19.2%
Three 3.9%
Four 7.7%
  Totals 26
Total Responses 26
Average 1.5

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 13.0%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 43.5%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 43.5%
Total Responses 23

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 39.1%
Known 47.8%
Other 13.0%
  Totals 23
Total Responses 23
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 24
We hope our schild can meet her in future if she wants at her 18 years 1
semi anonymous and available to meet us should we want to. We decided to stay semi-anonymous. 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 8.0%
Family or friend 8.0%
Surrogacy agency 24.0%
Independent Egg donation agency 28.0%
Fertility clinic 32.0%
  Totals 25
Total Responses 25

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 76.0%
Straight 24.0%
  Totals 25
Total Responses 25


Value Percent   Count
United States 72.0%
United Kingdom 8.0%
Sweden 4.0%
Germany 4.0%
Belgium 4.0%
Colombia 4.0%
Australia 4.0%
  Totals 25
Total Responses 25