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The Fertility Center of Las Vegas - Provider profile and satisfaction report:


Locations: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Contact: Shiva Price
Email: family@fertilitycenterlv.com
Phone: 702-254-1777

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Year founded: 1988
Employees: 40


About The Fertility Center of Las Vegas:*

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is one of the leading fertility centers in the world and has helped create thousands of families by providing the most advanced fertility treatments available today. People from across the globe have chosen The Fertility Center for it’s exceptional success rates, world class destinations, and unique treatment package with live birth guarantee. Each of our doctors are double board certified in OBGYN and Reproductive Endocrinology. Their expertise has made them some of the most sought after physicians in their field and they are often called upon by their colleagues to treat complex patients, those with previously unsuccessful cycles and their specialty - Surrogacy and Donor Egg IVF. In addition, the clinic is rated among the highest with first cycle success and among the lowest in average cycles per journey as reported on the Men Having Babies website. When you are ready to begin your journey towards parenthood, the experienced team at The Fertility Center will be there for you every step of the way.

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Ratings and reviews - from our Surveys

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Fertility clinic satisfaction - overall score (out of 10)

  Clinic score
Count: 35
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic experience

  Clinic rating
Quality of medical services (contribution to the success of journey)
Count: 35
Not Applicable: 0
Responsive, informative and supportive
Count: 35
Not Applicable: 0
Egg donor options, screening and matching
Count: 31
Not Applicable: 0
Gay friendly and knowledgeable
Count: 30
Not Applicable: 0
Accommodation of international parents
Count: 28
Not Applicable: 0

Clinic recommendation rate

Value Percent  
Yes 94.3%
No 5.7%
Total Responses 35
Average 0.9

Clinic reviews and comments

Everyone went above and beyond and the end result is everything I hoped for.
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is simply amazing. Dr. Daneshmand was with me throughout the whole time. He is an extremely knowledgeable fertility doctor and an extremely caring individual. His staff are amazing as well. You are in the best of hands if you choose them.
Attention au coût caché lié à la supervision les deux premiers mois de grossesse qui ne sont pas inclus dans le forfait
FCLV is a very good fertility clinic,with Dr Daneshmand being a top class doctor and person. Some areas for improvement in terms of their organization, and they are a bit pricey, but all in all, very satisfied.
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has made possible our project in the most human manner. Not only the staff and Dr Daneshmand are very efficient professionals but they also are caring people who understood our wishes. The medical service has been excellent and everyone at the clinic gave us all the information we needed. They also know the challenges we face in our home country and have been able to assist with it. Also, Dr D and some other staff members speak multiple languages, including French. Almost a year after we still have contacts with them as we definitely will try to have our second child through this clinic.
Très bonne clinique. Le docteur Daneshmand est très sympathique, professionnel et très réactif. A conseiller vivement !! Merci encore docteur !!
We just could not have found a better Clinic in all senses, especilayy for the profesional and human treatment we always had. We still keep relationship with our Doctor and he met our baby.
Our IVF clinic was VERY knowledgeable, very friendly from start until even after birth. They were very open, very precise on process & communication and clearly very professional and high-state-of-the-art wrt IVF techniques.
Dr Said Danesmaund...and his clinic Fertility Center of Las Vegas are about as Tops as is possible in the world from the standpoint of compassionate , expert fertility case management. He in our book is absolutely a wonderful person who is not only technically top in his field and at the cutting edge of everything going on in this sophisticated science but is absolutely one of the most caring and competent people I have ever been exposed to in the medical world and I have been around a lot of medical professionals. Quite simply , I can not imagine a more caring and expert practitioner.... he is the key as to why we were ultimately successful.. he brings a unique blend of personal touch and technical expertise to this complex process that is comforting and reassuring and we highly recommend them !!!!!! His staff from Ashley Semenuk his nurse to everyone in his clinic are top individuals..Our heartfelt thank you to Dr D and the staff....we love them all !!!!
Dr Daneshmand and the FCLV team are all amazing and caring people. It is through their generosity and compassion that we were able to bring our daughter into the world!! They were extremely organized and professional every step of the way. in addition, each and every person that works at FCLV is kind, approachable, helpful and all around good people!
Dr. Shapiro at FCLV was the perfect mix of expert and bedside manner. We appreciated him and his team for their guidance and execution.
Le Docteur Daneshmand est très disponible. Quand vous recevez un message qui vous inquiète très fort (ovocyte anormal) un dimanche matin, vous envoyez un mail et le soir même vous avez une réponse. Pour rappel nous étions le weekend. Nous avons été très bien accueillis à la clinique et ils sont très attentifs à votre séjour. Aide pour trouver un hôtel, des occupations, organiser les transports, …. Un service All inclusive. Pour notre part, nous recommencerions cette merveilleuse expérience avec cette clinique les yeux fermés.
Our surrogacy agency, An Eggceptional Match, recommended The Fertility Center of Las Vegas to us since our surrogate lives in Las Vegas. It felt like divine intervention. From the finance staff, to the surrogacy support staff, to the medical staff, we could not have been more pleased. We chose Dr Daneshmand as our doctor. He was superb in all aspects. He was upbeat, positive, warm, reassuring, and personable throughout the entire process, from our first Skype session until the 10 week point when he turned our surrogate over to her regular OB. Dr D would personally call us after each milestone during the IVF cycle to update us on our status, from how many eggs were retrieved, to how many fertilized, to how many survived to day 3, and how many ultimately made it to the day 5 blastocyst stage. He called to update us on the pregnancy test results, and called us when he finally ok'd our GC to start seeing her OB. We never felt like he was in a rush, and he took the time to explain answers to our concerns. He is a phenomenal physician. We wish we could find a family doctor of his caliber and concern. The support staff at the clinic were just as friendly, helpful and encouraging. Jennifer Cavanaugh steered us through the financial piece and Tisha Martinez was awesome at keeping us informed on how the IVF medications were working, as well us supporting us throughout the surrogate's pregnancy. We could not have asked for a better team. We liked them so much we are repeat customers. We are in our second pregnancy, thanks again to Dr Daneshmand and the staff at FCLV.
The fertility center of las Vegas made this experience so memorable...the doctors (Dr. D) is not just our doctor but also now our friend! We are very blessed to have met such a great doctor and friend! Our daughter is a blessing...thanks to him!!
All in all our experience with fertility clinic of Las Vegas turned out to be a very successful one as we are blessed with a very beautiful baby girl who is our world, and ultimately that was our one and only goal, goal achieved. Whether our chosen eggs and spermatozoa were completely viable or the doctors at the clinic were 100% competent with their science, but we never failed in any attempt of fertilization, freezing, defrosting or transfers and for that I applaud the clinic whole heartedly. I feel the only things that left a sour taste in our mouth was the costs and fees. After the pregnancy was successful we had to stay with the clinic for 3 months where numerous ultrasounds and blood tests were performed, sometimes every other day to a very expensive cost. We were not warned of the costs going into each appointment as we thought everything was an upfront fee. We also lost $5000 because our first surrogate failed the psychological eval and this money is not compensated and we had to start from scratch. My warning is...read the fine print and be prepared for a much higher figure than you expect. However, now we have her, she was worth every penny!
Our clinic and doctor have been amazing , a real human experience very friendly and very reactive. Even got help from our doctor during all pregnancy follow up. I would recommand with. No hesitations.
excellente clinique, tres a l'ecoute des patients, un docteur extraordinaire, une equipe formidable, un reve qui se realise, que du bonheur
The clinic was effective for pregnancy, although there was no interest in informing the egg quality or the posible success of the cycle. Dr. Shapiro doesn't mind about couples, Are only numbers and does not care about them much. Very expensive for the service they offer.
They are great ! reactive, very kind and supportive even after the FIV took place they have been with us up to the birth responding all our questions
Super satisfaits de la clinique avec le Dr Daneshmand qui est formidable et qui parle français, et Shelly qui s'occupe de la clientèle internationale.
The clinic and the Doctors are the best home for the magic that happened to us. We really felt like they are crucial part of the process, and that they really care about us and the future baby and not just a service provider in the process. Dr Daneshmand is a professional and a wonderful person so is the crew that we were in contact with. Can't wait to see them again when we will make the next baby :)

Journey statistics for service provider

Number of IVF / IUI cycles done until journey resulted in a birth

Value Percent   Count
One 85.3%
Two 5.9%
Three 5.9%
Four 2.9%
  Total 34
Total Responses 34
Average 1.3

Type of transfer that resulted in pregnancy (if done IVF)

Value Percent  
Egg donation - fresh 58.8%
Egg donation - frozen / egg bank 8.8%
Frozen embryo transfer (from your previous cycle) 32.4%
Total Responses 34

Known / Anonymous egg donation

Value Percent   Count
Unknown 59.4%
Known 34.4%
Other 6.3%
  Total 32
Total Responses 32
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 33
on la connait, mais reste anonyme et inconnue pour les enfants 1
we don\'t know her, she may be willing to meet our child 1

Egg donation source

Value Percent   Count
Intended mother (no donor) 5.9%
Surrogacy agency 38.2%
Independent Egg donation agency 17.7%
Fertility clinic 38.2%
  Total 34
Total Responses 34

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent   Count
LGBT 65.7%
Straight 34.3%
  Total 35
Total Responses 35


Value Percent   Count
United States 45.7%
France 31.4%
Israel 8.6%
Spain 8.6%
Hong Kong 2.9%
Argentina 2.9%
  Total 35
Total Responses 35