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Shaltiel Law Group, LLC - provider profile



Locations: Ithaca, NY, USA
Contact: Yifat Shaltiel
Email: info@yslawgroup.com
Phone: 607-273-3332

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About Shaltiel Law Group, LLC:*

Shaltiel Law Group is dedicated to the practice of reproductive law and adoption law in the States of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our firm is proud to support the LGBT community and understands the sensitive legal issues that LGBT couples face when choosing to grow their families through surrogacy and gamete donation. Our Attorneys draft and negotiate a variety of reproductive law contracts concerning Assisted Reproductive Technology. This includes surrogacy and gestational carrier agreements, and egg donor, sperm donor, and embryo donor contracts. We also work closely with surrogacy matching programs, including Surrogate Steps, to assists intended parents, including international and same-sex couples, with the right surrogate and donor to build their families.

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