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Matan Hodorov Law Office - provider profile



Locations: Ramat Gan, , Israel
Contact: Matan Hodorov

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About Matan Hodorov Law Office:*

Law Firm provides comprehensive, timely and objective procedure surrogacy abroad, every country that can be present procedure surrogacy same-sex couples, including Nepal, Mexico, the United States, and Israel and gives therefore an updated picture of your rights legal parents all this process step. The firm's services: Paternity portfolio management / mothers and full legal support throughout the process of surrogacy surrogacy agency front and / or clinic abroad, state agencies, other related institutions in Israel and abroad relevant factors, various courts, to regulate the status of the baby with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Citizenship Israeli. Drafting wills and other agreements relevant editing surrogacy process through its various stages such as; Financial agreement, a joint parenting agreement and the like Adoption portfolio management / parenting order for the spouse, who has no genetic connection to the baby.

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