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Ayelet Tresser Awes, Law Offices - provider profile



Locations: Tel Aviv, , Israel
Contact: Ayelet Tresser Awes
Email: info@atalaw.co.il
Phone: 972-777-929394

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About Ayelet Tresser Awes, Law Offices :*

Attorney Ayelet Tresser Abs engaged for over 10 years in the field of surrogacy, and with couples and surrogates surrogacy process in Israel and abroad. As someone who is familiar with the complex process of surrogacy, Ayelet provides ongoing support and professional, while ensuring high availability, professional response and finding solutions to problems that might occur along the way. Familiarity with a variety of procedures in the country and in various countries abroad allows Ayelet provide you with professional backing and provide you with the answer to the legal right for you. Ayelet avoids overloading legal services that are not needed on the one hand, but is careful to consider all the needs and offer appropriate solutions for regulating all aspects of family and legal. Ayelet has extensive experience with families in a variety of colors of the rainbow, and do my best to give legal force to marital status.

* This description was provided by the service provider.